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Paphos September Wedding

Hi Girls & Guys

I started the camb diet about 7 months ago......i did really well for the first 4 months and lost 3 stone. I then got bored and came off it. Ate loads cos i thought.....its ok i will ' cambridge it' again soon and get the remaining weight off that i need to for my bmi to be where it should be (which is another 3 stone). However, im now finding it so so hard to get back on it :(

I have no motivation or willpower and im due to be married in sept, in paphos and as u can imaging - beach, sun and me.......still being 3 stone over weight is really getting to me - especially when i did so well on it b4!!

Someone please give me the kick up the arse i need :sigh: :sigh: :cry:i really need to do this for myself!
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Hey Louise? Are you the same Louise I talk to on the zaffron site? I too am getting married in Cyprus, next month for me!
Well hello my old chum.........yes its me!!
I have returned back 2 this site as i so so need the motivation! Im doing so badly on CD!! have all the products here, just cant stick to it, been like it for a few months now - mucking about and not sticking to it!! and i swear i have put at least a stone back on.......cant bring myself to get on the scales :cry:as i think i will just cry.

You look fab hunni, well done you x x


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Right Louise, first and foremost, you have done the best thing coming back on hear for support. I am always on the lipotrim bitty and its really helped me along. I too have struggled a bit this last month and I aint actually had an official loss since the mid of March. I was getting bold you see, I’d eat at the weekend then I’d still lose come my next weigh in, this happened for a few weeks then it caught up on me. I’d continue to eat at the weekend and only just lose what I had gained by my next weigh in and so on. So for a good 4 weeks I have been losing and gaining the same 7lbs! ARGH! Anyways, reality hit home when I was looking at my diary and seen that my dress fitting was only one week away… It was meant to be this Sat, luckily I have managed to put it off for another week so I now go on the 18th. Am determined to get a bit more off and so far so good – since Monday!! I’m hoping to get to as close to 11st flat as poss for the fitting. Not sure if I am being a bit ambitious?!

I think its really easy to say och I’ll just eat for another week, as we know how fast the results of these diets are its another thing getting back on track. I think you need to be brave and just get on those scales and make a promise to stick to it for one day, once you get over the first day make a promise to do a 2nd day and so on. Once you get your first weigh in over with you’ll be grand! September sounds a long way away, but its really not. My wedding is next month and I’m totally taken a back at how fast its arrived. You have your dress don’t you? Well maybe you need to try it on and take a pic for you to see yourself in it. You’ll know in your head how you want to look so this may spur you on.

Also remember how well you did when you started, it was you Louise that spurred me on to do this diet again! I had tried so many times last year and lost some but soon gained it again. Your success made me want to give it another go. So what if you have gained a bit since stopping, it happens, if you get back on track today you’ll be back to your lightest again in a week or two, no probs.

You could have the 3 stone you want to lose off in a matter of months, well I time for the wedding. Whats 3 months out of your life. Best of luck hun.

P.S I cant seem to post on zaffrons site any more, it doesna up date for me?!


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Oh my god Lousie, I just had word that Adam Thomas the entertainer we had booked for our reception, has just cancelled on me!! I have Orders of Sservice etc all printed up and his details on it! Bloody [email protected]*ds!!!!

Thanks Pineapple,

It was good reading ur reply.....im having an early night tonight and tomorrow is gonna be a new day for :)

I did wonder where you got to on Zaffron site, i have had no probs - do you want me to email stella and let here know ur having probs on there or have you already done this??

Im glad i made a difference to you, getting started back on diet, maybe this time round your be my encouragement. I know sept is not all that far away, i just so so need to get to my goal...it had def helped coming back on here and reading ur reply im feeling more positive already.

OMG!!!!! :mad: CANT BELIEVE ADAM has cancelled you, did he give a good reason!!! whats shocking, one month b4 wedding!!


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Hey Louise, how did you get on today did you bite the bullet and get started? Glad my reply might have been sme help to you.

Adam's sister is apparantly gettng married the day after me in the UK, so thats his reason! He slimey git sent me a bunch of flowers today to butter me up! I have booked someone else who does the same kind of entertainment (live singing then dj) so all is well again! Am not leting anythng get to me!

Hello hun,

Ya i have started today......today is the first day of the new me!!! (she says with much hope :rolleyes:) Anyway im gonna do as you said and take one thing @ a time, day by day.

Cant believe he sent you flowers....i would of cut the head off them and sent them back....hehe!!

Who did you book with instead, and how much is he costing. Were still to sort out our entertainment for the eve.

Thanks for all your support nikki, it means a great deal x x


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hey Lou, sorry its taken me so long to post, how are you getting on? Hope all is going well for you hun and you feel back on track again?

We have booked a guy called Ben Lambert and he is costing 250 euros, he does the same kind of thing as Adam and he sings for an hour or how ever long you want then his team dj's. Apparantly he used to be in a duo with that Adam we had booked callled strictly spectacular? Stella has recommended this Ben bloke, so fingers crossed all is well!

Sorry this is short and sweet, hear from yuo soonx xx

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