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Parents on LT


Getting thinner everyday!
Was wondering how many of you have children and how old they are? And how you are finding the energy to cope with them on LT?

I have a little girl who is 2 and I am finding that I have a lot less energy than I did before.

I've also noticed that she "knows" I'm not eating. I know this by somethings she does and says. If I make anything, she automatically knows its for her dad and not me. And when we go shopping she declares to everyone that whatever we're putting in the trolley or through the till is "daddy's". I was hoping she wasn't going to notice but I think I was being unrealistic.

What do your children make of it all? Do they comment? understand?


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Hi hon,
I have 2 kids aged 11 and 5 half months. (Big gap). I have been really lucky my hubby been extremely helpful with the baby. In fact i feel more energetic now i am on LT than before. However, it is extremely hard when making dinners for everyone. I also help my family out in our Chinese takeaway, double hard not to pick. I think the problem with me is when i am bored, i just wnt to pick. Trying to find other things to do.
My daughter does ask me about my diet and unfortunately she is at the age where she thinks she is fat and even suggested she does LT with me. She is not fat! I just had to sit her down and talk to her about why i am doing it and how she should stick to eating healthily and exercise. It is worrying though. As my daughter is older she seems to have taken it in. Your 2 yr old must be confused. Mayb you can have your chicken soup with her and put yours in a bowl so its not like just a drink for lunch?? Tea - time you could say your eating yours later? Good luck
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i have three children aged 4, 2 and nearly nine months.........so before lipotrim i was exhausted, now im practically catatonic most of the time!!
my 4 year old definitely knows what im doing and tells everyone im not allowed food "till my baby growing tummy" has gone away.
the 2 year old kind of understands but is very annoyed if she comes out of nursery and i cant taste her days cookery creation!
its very hard not pinching any of their leftovers and horrendous when i take them to kiddy parties etc where the temptation is huge!
still feeling discouraged
dont know i can last till the end
laura x


Carpe diem, baby!
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ive got two older teenagers who are very understanding and who are not overweight themselves at all but think its great mum is doing something to make herself feel better. theyre both size 8/10 and yes, sometimes they complain that their fat but i dont make an issue of it cause i know that when i next cook something nice for them they will eat it and usually with gusto lol
I know what you mean about having little energy, i have 2 teenage daughters only 1 living at home but they are very supportive and so is my oh. I think it helps a great deal if you dont have to cook for all the family, your kids will accept that your eating a little differently, anyway its not forever, im sure you will great at the end.
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hi I have 2 teenage girls 16 and 18 who have extremely supportive as has my hubby something that i have always done for years is batch cook separate into individual portions a freeze then they just help themselves as and when which has made it a lot easier for me
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I have 2 teenage girls 16 and 20 who are extremely supportive as well as my hubby.
My 20 year old is 5ft 10 and is a size 8(and complains she is fat) but my 16 year old is 5ft 7 and was overweight so she went on the maintenance diet for about 3 months and managed to lose 1.5 stone so she has from last week joined me on the TFR and wants to lose another stone.
My hubby however will need to go on a diet after I reach my target as he is now eating for both myself and my younger daughter as well as himself.:(


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I have a 3 yr old and 5 yr old, also 13 and 18 yer old step daughters. They all know I am not eating. I sit down and have a soup with them when we have our evening meal. I have conceptualised it that I need to look after my heart and so get rid of my tummy. For a short while, I can not eat in order to acheive this. They have been so supportive and my 5 year old proudly tells people I am looking after my heart.
Regarding energy.. I have so much more! Both with my children and my husband!!!

mrs bee

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I am a nanny and look after 2 two year old boys, they don'tsay much about it,One of them normally says "Rachel is having her pink water now" as I usually have a strawberry shake for lunch!!
I have 3 kids, 19, 17 and 12, and a 3week old grandaughter here. I have more energy now than I have ever had, ran for a bus this morning, I have never done that before as it would have been more of a bounce than a run.
My children are really supportive and ask how I get on every week, my son keeps saying "wow mom you look thin", I'm not yet but bless him, he has mentioned the state of my breath a few times this week though :rolleyes: good thing about this breath though, a canvasser came knocking on my door this morning, woke me up, he didn't stay long :D
I too am a nanny and my 3year old charge didn't notice for the first few weeks as i did try to keep it from him as long as i could. He now watches me make the shakes and i said it's to help my poorly tummy(which it is ;)) Also he is also keen to have milkshake/smoothies for himself now as he see's me using the blender,which is great. I find i do have more energy,the hardest part i find it testing the food i make and batch up for seasoning and also not being able to check the temperature for the 9month old. I usually put the spoon up to my lips and rub it off immediately.
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I have a 5 month girl, an 18 month girl and an 8yr old boy... partner helps loads but i have found i have more energy since starting lipotrim! sometimes tho the disgusting jars of baby food smell so yummy hehe.. my son didnt notice i havent been eating till last week (week 5 hehe)
I find getting up in the mornings hardest, both babies wake at the same time and it can be chaos.... i was never a morning person anyway... the little one still wakes up once or twice a night and me and the partner do night on night off....... i dont want them to have weight issues or a weight complex because their mum is fat and miserable so had to do something about it for them too, before they are old enough to know the old fat me hehe.. somedays tho, they crack me up... my mum is having all three next week for three nights so I can go to england clubbing whoop whooop..... x
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i dont have no kids but see my little nephews and niece all the time. my nephew was always offering me food before but he started to understand and always said i arent eating and that


Getting thinner everyday!
Thanks everyone for you input.

I like the idea of having a soup with her once a day. Previously I didn't like the soup but I'm finding that as the weeks go on, I'm craving a savoury meal so have been havng them more often. Will sit down with her and have one with her. Only trouble is that, typical of a two year old, she'll want what I'm having :D:D

Thanks folks, you've given me some ideas to explain it.

Alex :)
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I have 4 children under 10 and a husband who works late some evenings so I have to make dinners around the clock! They help by clearing their plates themselves so no left overs! They have been really good and comment on how different I look and I seem to have more energy to run around with them.

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