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I'm only on week 1 and loving it, I love the fact I have no choice and have stuck to it 100% (easy to say I know when weight in isn't until Friday night) but .... here's the issue.

I'm going away on a family weekend next weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun nights) and my mum says she will be mortally offended if I stick to my 'silly slimfast shake thingy', and that I must at least have 1 meal with them even if I only eat meat and veg/salad!

Does anyone else have issues with family and this diet? I wont be eating anything, and i'll be drinking only water.

Advice anyone?
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Hi Becky

I dont have any issues with family saying I need to eat, etc...but I have with well meaning friends who say I am losing too much, blah, blah, blah!

I think you will have to very sensitively tell your mum why you are doing this and even although she may find it extreme, etc, it certainly isnt something that you are doing to offend her in any way. You can still have fun and join in with family at meal times, etc....she just doesnt understand it, I suppose.

I have had friends round, cooked meals, been to functions, etc, etc and not once have I eaten at them and havent ever felt left out.

Good for you though, for sticking to your guns. Maybe say to your mum that it is more unhealthy being at the weight you are now and that you want to try and do something positive about it and at the minute this is what you are doing.

Sorry, not much help here, but hope you work it out and that your mum begins to understand.

Take care and have a great weekend!


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I can only echo the sound advice of Scotsmist.

You have to explain that you're not doing this slightly unusual diet to offend anyone, you want to enjoy the family time together but that this diet is very important to you.

It's not a silly diet - it is recommended by GPs and pharmacists - ie trained professionals - for people who have a substantial amount of weight to lose in order for them to live healthier, longer lives.

Sounds like you will stick to your guns anyway, but maybe get her to read some of the stories and threads on here - this many people losing this much weight in a controlled, monitored manner can only ever be a good thing :)

Good luck and have a lovely time away!


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Hi Becky,
well done so far, keep at it, it will pay off. Sorry your mom is giving you a hard time about the diet, I can only echo what has been said above. I wonder if your mom has weight issues herself? Sometimes the people around us have us in a pigeon hole and if we try to come out it upsets things for them. Not trying to be nasty to your mom but if you are happy not eating then it shouldn't affect her. My parents are very supportive but it does bother mom a bit when I cook for them, when they come over and don't eat. I just tell her I don't have a problem and don't feel denied so she shouldn't have one either. She does agree then and all is well again. It's like she feels guilty and needs permission to eat in front of me.
I hope you can resolve this issue before you go and have her support.
Best of luck.


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Thanks for the reply guys.

She is at Slimming World herself at the moment with my sister, it's her first diet ever and she's totally into it (good for her she's doing really really well), and she doesn't understand why I can't just do it with her.
And she's a nurse so she does know the benefits of losing weight .... I'm sure it all turn out alright, I've printed a few facts and figures for her should she go OTT.

Thanks again :)


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Hiya, Stick to your guns, after all explain it's just one weekend, and the lipotrim diet is not forever. So when you come off the diet you can happily eat with the family then. I'm sure once you explain why you are doing it, they she'll understand.

I've a nurse friend who doesn't agreed with the diet either, but understands my determination and is quite supportive which is lovely. My Mum is happy as I've agreed to go for a nice meal when I'm done refeeding etc at the end of August. Mum just worry incase it isn't safe, but show her the facts and figures and reassure her that you are being looked after health professionals and she'll be alright.
Good luck.

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