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Total Solution Parkerr weight loss diary!!


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Well on day 4 now and thought it was about time i started a diary so when i get to my goal weight i can look at the process when i feel i am falling out of the zone.

Day 4 - feeling a little dizzy today and my mouth is feeling horrendous on the plus side i will have the most sparkling teeth by the end of this diet.

I can manage the soups and the bars so thats pretty good i would not say they are the best thing but its overweight medicine..

I have always been overweight especially after having the contraception implant as i put on stone after stone after stone. By the time i started i was 15st 7lbs the heaviest i have ever been and at 5ft 2 i am morbidly obese :mad:

I have tried so many different diets and last year i did Cambridge diet and lost 3stone but put that back on plus more. Plus i cheated on the 2nd week so badly that i couldnt get back into the zone so now i know i can not cheat as it will ruin the diet. After having so long off the Cambridge diet i thought i best go back onto it but i couldnt face going to the counsellor at the weight i was after loosing so much. Then i came across this diet and thought hurray lets try this one...

This is the last attempt to loose the weight and i WILL succeed.

Drinking 3 - 4 litres of water a day and i am feeling the toilet habits becoming very annoying as i cant seem to go very far before i need a wee!!!!

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hi , nice to see you have a diary , I am on day 5 , so its nice to be able to follow someone in the same boat :D I also did CD and although I didnt regain much ( just 10lb ) I felt I didnt want to go back to my CDC , and also find the exante shakes are much more filling :)

Just wanted to say good luck , and hope your first weigh in is a great one .. looks like mine is gonna be great :D


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Tonight i am struggling with my last half of my soup :-( it doesnt taste like it normally does maybe my taste buds are changing...


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Day 5:

Blimmey my breath stinks its ketosis breath deffo..

Feel a bit achy today but i am hoping a bath and making myself look presentable will help me as i am going to venture out today (i havent been out in 4 days) as i have felt so tired. I am hoping this aching feeling goes and i can start to enjoy my exante journey. I am taking a visit to my parents house where they are cooking my fave roast so im taking a shake and a bar which will do me just fine.

Why is it when you tell people the diet you are doing they dont support you? they think you are doing the wrong diet and healthy eaating is the way to do it..... it makes me so mad i will choose what diet i do and if they dont like it then they can turn around and disappear. If i chose to do slimming world it would not change the way i think about food and i will eat anything and everything i want too whereas on exante i will learn about eating properly all again - sorry rant over but its made me so mad!!!

Best get sorted out to visit the house of roast dinners, hope you all have a fabulous day whatever you are doing and stay strong

Rachel xx


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Got to my parents and they are cooking their delicious roast dinner my god it smells so good. I have come onto here to read some more success stories to keep me occupied.

I am going to sit down with them and drink a can of coke zero as my 5th day treat.
hi , I am off to my parents for the kids and hubby to eat my mums lovely roast beef and yorkies .... I will take a bar and can of Dr Pepper zero and enjoy it !!!!! we did a BBQ at lunch which was hard as it smelt so good but not so hard that i wanted to give up :D
hope you have a good afternoon x


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Well today has been a struggle as i am thinking of food alot but i know i have made the right decision to go onto this diet. I had my coke zero and a bar and i was satisfied with that.

I just want my weigh in to come sooner as i need to see how i am getting on. I am freezing cold so heating on full to try keep me warm and wooley socks on.

Off to bed knowing i have completed another successful day being 100% on the total solution i am sooooo pleased with myself to get this far i am going to bed very happy, i have had no afternoon nap either so this should be a fantastic nights sleep aslong as im not constantly getting up to the toilet...

Goodnight diary and to all reading
Well what can i say a rubbish nights sleep had severe heart burn which i just coped with and woke up with a headache ho hummm today can get better surely. Starting nights tonight first day back after 9 days off how scary...

Have a good day all
I ended up going back to bed as i felt tired this morning and i woke up as i was dreaming of sticky icing buns when will these dreams of eating food stop? it is causing me discomfort all the time and makes me debate if i am doing the right thing.....
hey , dont let your brain trick you into giving up , its amazing what it does to try and sabotage your diet , it is soo worth it hun :)

I worked my first night on the diet last night and wasnt as bad as i was expecting . I had my 3 packs in the day and an extra bar at my 3am break , and I felt great ... had enough energy to do my job and felt great not to be stuffing biscuits at 5am like the other do !!!!
Keep going you are doing sooo well :)
Thanks determinator, my mind is playing some awful tricks on me.. i wake up in such horror to think i have cheated on my diet its horrible, my mind will not win!!!!

All my colleagues are munching biscuits and chocs and i am enjoying my choc orange bar mmmm.. I am surprised at how focused i am with this diet, my colleagues cant wait to see my body change shape over time :)

Its going to be a long night as its very quiet tonight so at least i can access this site :)
Stay strong! You're doing this diet one day at a time but it'll be worth it! You are doin so well :) just keep battling through- you'll get to a point where you look forward to your bar, and the soups will start to register as a meal in your brain! I love coming home from work an curling up on the sofa with a big mug of soup :)

Looking forward to reading more posts! Hey why not try going to bed thinking of the skinny you and see where your dreams go then! He he :)
Thanks Annie, i will try going to bed thinking of skinny me as yet another food associated dream today :-(

I am very pleased with myself as i did my night shift last night never ate any biccies, chocolates and crisps like the rest of them this is a huge acheivement in itself as i was terrible for eating them oh and sandwiches as i love them!!! carbs carbs carbs no wonder why i got to the weight i got to DAMN THOSE AWFUL CARBS!!

Determinator - i managed a night shift with 3 packs in the end so that was good but i drank prob 4-5 litres of water last night..

2nd night shift tonight so lets hope its a great success like last nights one.
Well another night shift on its way and omg the drs have left all goodies in the staff room and i have been to have a look. Everyone is eating their gorgeous looking rolls with chicken breast and i am having a nice mushroom soup ha ha...

Oh well nearly half way through the shift then home to bed...

I CAN DO THIS..... weigh day Thursday i cant wait....

Darcy15 - yeah it is such a hard diet to do but am so pleased i have got this far and i am looking forward to finally being weighed it seems to take forever to come round, i just need it for the extra push and to know i am doing this for all good reasons :)

I just need to stop dreaming about damn food it is annoying me now esp as i get upset cos i think i have cheated then when i wake i realise it was a dream.
Ok after my nightshift i decided to weigh myself for a bit of a boost however i have only lost 2lbs in my first week although my official weigh day is tomorrow... I am totally distraught and could sit here and cry when i have stuck to the diet for the whole week and made myself drink my soups... how can this be?
did you weigh after your night shift ?? was your origanal weigh in the morning not after night shift ???? I can be 5-6 lb heavier in an evening or after a night ( due to being up and drinking etc ) than I am in the morning when I have not had anything for 8 hours or so ...try to weigh after you have been to bed :D
I am going to wait until tomorrow afternoon and weigh myself then for a proper reading and it is my weigh day officially. I have never been so upset than i was this morning as i have been so good for the whole week i am hoping it is that i just am heavier after a night shift - silly me
Well i weighed myself before work this evening and it came in at 4lb loss, was not too happy about it but i think being nearly totm aswell prob doesnt help.

I will weigh again tomorrow as it is my official weigh day then i will leave it until the following thursday and not go on any scales as it was hard to decide to stay on it after todays mishap.

I am very pleased i decided not to go and have the food after instead i had a coke zero so very proud i did that. I really think my opinions are changing on the way i eat as normally i would of just gone for the food...

Last night shift though tonight and feeling very tired roll on 7:30am so i can go home to bed..

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