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has started again!!
My much loved Mum died age 65, 3 years ago. She had had a whole gamut of problems health wise, including Type 1 diabetes, chroic rheumatoid arthritis, heart problems etc etc. She died the day after Christmas shopping with her best friend. My Dad misses her terribly, he nursed her through a lot of her illness, numerous hospital appts and loads of other issues.

He will be 77 in June and I have just been told that he has Parkinsons. I am in bits. I wold have said, if asked, recently, that I didnt feel that close to him, but what a difference those few words have made.

If any of you have any advice or experience I would really appreciate it. So far, he has tremors in one arm, first noticed in Jan of this year, but now by March, much more pronounced.
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I have no words of wisdom, I'm afraid, Sez but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you've received this news and wish you and your dad all the very best.

I hope you get some reassuring information to set your mind at rest.

me either. i am very sorry about this.

just want to send you some courage and strength

and hugs, of course ;-)
Oh Sarah.. The biggest huge ((((((((((HUG))))))))))) for you.. I lost my mum 5 years ago and dread the day anything happens to my 74 year old dad.. Anything I can do just shout.. email me too if you want to talk more...


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Sarah I'm really sorry to hear about your dads illness, sorry but I know nothing about Parkinsons. I'm sure if you went to your GP he/she would talk to you about it and explain to you what the symptoms etc are.

Hopefully this will bring you both much closer.


Really, really sorry to hear your devastating news. From past experience of family illness (albeit not this) I would recommend getting as much information as you can so that as a family you make informed decisions. This may be a good place to start Parkinson's Disease Society - Home and if you can attane d support grup locally because it can be very isolating feeling alone in things like this because people raretly understand what its like (which you can relate in part to the support we get here - people who have never tried ll dont get it! Not that I am comparing LL to this but trying to draw a parell about the benefits of searching out local support). If there is anything I can do please let me know but meanwhile my thoughts & prayers are with you along with sending a big hug.


has started again!!
Oh wow, what a great lot you all are.

Thanks so very much. Getting my head together now, and hopefully all will be ok!

Lesly Cambridge

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I'm so sorry, Sarah, to hear your news, and like the others don't know much about the disease, so I hope the link posted above is helpful.

But I do know people who have lived comfortably with Parkinson's for years, with a well-designed drug regime....

(Would have been my dad's birthday today....you give yours a hug from me! x)


has started again!!
Dad came over for tea tonight. He seems pretty comfortable, and not too stressed. My sister and I are going to do our research and work out what we/he needs to do now, his way forward if you like.

Thanks again guys. At least I have managed not to turn to food this time, as I would have done many times b4...

Hi Sarah, Just to say sorry to hear about your Dad's illness, I lost my Dad 2 years ago June 2007, you never seem to have enough time with them. Best thing for you to do is just spend loads of time with him, I suppose his medication will help. Big :grouphugg: to you and your Dad


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My father has had very bad Parkinsons Disease since he was 33 ( very unusual for someone so young) So i kind of grew up from a young child used to having him that way. I am happy to say at 67 now he is still going strong and doing well, albeit he has 24hr care with him at home, but he loves life, still lives at home and hell hes still my dad i love.

Its hard to hear such news, but medication for Parkinsons is very good now, and a good level of life and normallty is possible, Feel free to PM if you want a chat.

Take Care

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Sounds like he has a good support network and with medication being improved all the time hopefully his condition will be reasonably stable.

Big Hugs (((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Also dont forget that these days they can do ots with drugs to help the condition....big Friday hug for you & WELL DONE for nit eating your way through this, a massive achievement in itself!