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Party tonight

I haven't been on xenical long so dont have much advice but I think as far as alcohol goes Vodka and diet coke it the best option,better than beer and stuff I guess.
Just try and make better choices with your curry you know have boiled rice instead of fried and dont load up on heavy sauces.

If you do happen to over indulge then just make sure you spend the next few days close to a toilet!

Enjoy your party and family meal :)

Claire x
It's really difficult finding an Indian option that is low fat, my advice would be, try not to eat a full portion of curry and fill up on rice. Also stay close to a lav for a couple of days after, once you've experienced the 'tango' effect you'll know why.
if youre having curry dont go for anything creamy like tikka masala etc i tend to have bhuna or madras and seem to be okay!
buffett food- id steer clear of sausage rolls and other fatty stuff make yourself a meal before you go then you wont be hungry when you arrive! save the calories for the booze instead! id go for vodka ( with any diet mixer) or wine just stay clear of lager and cider!!!

make sure you have fun though!!!
lol im being serious bout madras!!!

dont you like vodka?? defo a better option!!
Cant remember ever trying it....
Will stick to wine - used to drink 8 500ml of cider every friday saturday and 4 cans in the week. Thats finished with.
Perhaps international days when the welsh show how to play rugby!!
might try some vodka next weekend - whats a diet mixer? sugar free what ?
Diet coke, pepsi max, slimline tonic, diet lemonade, sprite lite, actually anything without sugar.
lol are u a rugby fan then?? us welshies do play it well though ye??
i prefer footie myself thou!
defo avoid the cider!!! not good!!!!
Cant stand football - I try to watch internationals but fed up after 2 mins with shirt pulling....5 mins fed up with rolling around on the ground crying.............then when they swear at the ref / linesmen - had enough.
Every year they are going to sort it out - truth is they dont want to.
oohhh theres your rant for the day!!

and as for the cider and vodka- told you so!! haha
The Welsh are so racist when it comes to rugby, (Only joking - not)
I've seen the all-blacks, lovely thighs.
hehe your right there!!!!

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