pasta bake

Mrs V

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I just make up a Batchelors Pasta n Sauce with water, add mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, sweetcorn in a casserole bowl. Top with cheese and bake in a erally hot oven until cheese has melted.
Not quite a pasta bake, but served with syn free chips is lovelly!

Gene Genie

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i missed pasta bake too but worked out they are usually between 25-30 syns per jar and if you reckon that it can serve 4-6 people i just use syns to enjoy some with a salad and make sure there are enough people around to eat the rest so im not tempted to have a huge portion, though i have stuck leftovers in the fridge and had it warmed up the day after for my dinner at work and it tasted ok

There is a recipe somewhere n the SW website in the archive for a pasta bake, im in work and cant get on it at the mo but will look later for you, think its less creamy though and just lots of roasted veg with pasta


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i use passata with onion and garlic, with cooked pasta then fry light your red onion, courgette, mushrooms all mixed together, use bacon or Ham, hex B, stick in a dish, slice 3 baby bel lights HexA on top, grill till melted and enjoy!!
For a couple of sins bang in some creme fraiche to make it creamier.

Use garlic and herps for taste. oops herbs I mean!!

You can also do the same with the pasta n sauce, add the veg and chopped bacon or ham, or chicken as a B choice!!

Hope this helps x

Principessa N

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I parboil some pasta, mix in slices of synfree sausages/quorn sausages and then cover with beans, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 20mins,
Its divine!!


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Ooh that sounds lovely - I may well have that for my tea tonight!