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Pasta quiche

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by StephC84, 2 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. StephC84

    StephC84 Well-Known Member

    Evening guys - made myself a SW quiche with a packet of pasta and sauce - it's gorgeous and I've made enough for 3 days worth of lunches, but does anyone know how long it keeps in the fridge. Thanks x
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  3. gleggers

    gleggers Well-Known Member

    I've kept it for a couple of days but no longer - my husband likes it too tho so it doesn't usually hang around for long! I have wondered before though if I was to make it in bulk would it freeze ok?
  4. StephC84

    StephC84 Well-Known Member

    Thanks gleggers - maybe I'll have a midnight snack later :) x
  5. jessicamariesmith.1995

    jessicamariesmith.1995 Well-Known Member

    can i have the link for the recipe please that sounds so good!
  6. StephC84

    StephC84 Well-Known Member

    Hi Jessica - I got the recipe from a friend but you need...

    1 packet batchelors pasta n sauce (I used cheese and broccoli)
    3 eggs
    Very low fat cottage cheese
    Whatever filling you want (I used ham, garlic, mushroom and onions)

    Cook the pasta n sauce as per the packet instructions but substitute the milk for water. Let it cool slightly and then spread the pasta across the bottom of a flan tin.

    In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and 3 / 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese together, stir in your filling and seasoning, pour into the flan tin and bake for about 35 / 40 mins until set and golden on top. I have a fan oven and set it to 180.

    Hope this helps! X
  7. jessicamariesmith.1995

    jessicamariesmith.1995 Well-Known Member

    Thank you!! Going to have to try this!!
  8. pootle1

    pootle1 Well-Known Member

    :) sounds delicious xx

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