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Hi guys

I went to my doctor in 2015 and was referred for an internal scan which confirmed I have cysts on my ovaries. The doctor was reluctant to formally diagnose me with PCOS and advised that I was best to come off the pill and have a blood test. I was getting married in a few months, so put it off, and only went back to the doctors last week to get my blood test organised. I'm really quite scared of getting the results - I'm currently on the SW diet to try and lose 10% of my body weight (I have a BMI of 24 at the moment) to see if that helps. Me and my now-husband are TTC and have been for 9 months and I'm starting to really worry (which is probably the worst thing that I can do!) that we'll never be able to have children.

Does anyone have any prior experience of going through the diagnosis stages, and how long I should expect to wait until I hear from them? I'm 25, but very conscious that I should have had these blood tests over a year ago, so now worrying that I've left this too late.

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Weight loss def helps. I was diagnosed 18 years ago so I'm afraid I can't tell you about time scales, what I can tell you is have faith, eat clean and cut out caffeine and alcohol. Lots of people with PCOS conceive, track your cycle and try to concentrate your efforts during ovulation. Good luck x


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Here's the good news: Pcos isn't an illness, it's a syndrome.. that means it's a term used to describe a bunch of experiences that often go together..
The 'cysts' you saw on the scan probably weren't cysts at all, but healthy unripe ova that might one day be half of your baby :D it still amazes me that I saw my kid when she was still an unfertalised ova on the edge of my ovary :D
Cutting out carbs (no bread) and alcohol definitely helped me. I didn't even start trying until my thirties.. you have plenty of time but it's great you're starting young :) losing weight can REVERSE Pcos for many people.
There's a fab organisation called Verity that you might want to find out about x


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I have PCOS and currently pregnant with my 4th baby. I found taking metformin helped, the dr offered me clomid which stimulates your ovaries to produce more eggs, it didnt work for me but know a few people that it did work for.

best of luck x x