Pcos hair loss

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  1. cjhartley

    cjhartley Member

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has found a treatment for pcos hair loss? I had a truly awful experience two days ago. I was in work when an anaesthetist came behind a curtin to discuss another patient & the first words out of his mouth was "you have alopecia?!" & chuckled! To which I replied no I have PCOS. To which he replied that's really none of my business! As if alopecia was his business but a endocrine/fertility issue isn't! Asshole this is the second time in as many months people have commented so any & all help is greatly welcomed! Thanks in advance x
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  3. Joan M

    Joan M New Member

    Wish I could find a cure for the PCOS hair loss. I've resorted to a hair piece to cover the thin areas on top. The piece is about 5'' x 7'' and attaches with just two kirby grips and I wear a slim hairband for security! People comment on how you would never know that it wasn't my real hair, and it changed my life quite a lot when I found this solution.
  4. Princess89

    Princess89 Full Member

    I didn't know I had pcos until after having my little girl. But about 2 years ago I woke up with about an inch and a half circle of hair missing from my temple which has luckily grown back but a few weeks after half of my eyebrow came off which still hasn't grown back! It's awful having to wake up every morning and draw my
    eyebrows on to look normal :-(
  5. xlaurajx

    xlaurajx New Member

    A lot of people swear by the "no poo" method, where you don't wash your hair in shampoo. You can get special bars to wash your hair in then the rest of the days just rise with water. I'm guess I am lucky as the only symptom I have is weight gain & bizzard periods. I couldn't even imagine what a lot of girls are going through with the hair loss :(
  6. Curly.Locks

    Curly.Locks Full Member

    I have hirsutism but now to top it all up, I also have male patterned baldening simultaneously.
  7. scousegeordie

    scousegeordie Member

    My hairline has receded so much and gone thin on top. Ive started using a cheap hair powder I found on amazon to fill in the gaps which makes it look fuller and clip on hairpieces when I go out. Saw palmetto supplement is supposed to help block the androns and when I was taking it did find a difference but have lapsed recently.
  8. Curly.Locks

    Curly.Locks Full Member

    I went into Holland and Barrett's to buy saw palmetto a few weeks ago and she told me it was for something completely different. I was wondering what she was on about as I had read extensive reviews online about it being used for hair loss for women.

    Anyone else used saw palmetto?
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