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PCOS/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


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Hi guys
I was just wondering if anyone else out there has PCOS? And if anyone who has lost weight has had any major changes in it?

I have PCOS, originally had 5st 9 to lose (but we better make that 4st 8.5 since i've lost 14.5 lbs so far :D:D:D), and have all the problems that go with the condition (those of you that have it will know what i mean :sigh:), but altho i really REALLY want to decrease the horrible symptoms and boost my self esteem and self confidence (which will just be amazing to do!), my main thought is trying to boost my fertility - TOTM is rare (last was Oct 07), and had a miscarriage last Jan. So want to lose the weight, get up the duff, and have a successful pregnancy and make a small person!!

How has anyone else got on with it all?

Thanks guys
Lors x
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Hi Lors
My sister-in-law is a sufferer & it was only when she shed the pounds & with the help of some fertility drug did she manage to conceive - its was a mild drug though but she found the bigger she was the more symptoms she displayed generally.
She fell pregnant around 11-13st both times - the drug was clomid I think (excuse spelling)....


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Hiya Lors

I am also a PCOS sufferer and the symptoms were at their worst about 7 years ago. Six years ago I had a procedure called Ovarian Drilling which stimulated my ovaries as none of the drugs worked and when I went back for my 6 week post op check up, I was already pregnant with my daughter who is now 5 and a half!!! :D

At that time my weight was still an issue and when she was 2 I started my VLCD journey (nothing else had worked!) and lost just over 6 stone... my periods have now completely stabilised (so much so that I have completely forgotten the physical discomfort and distress at not having had one for nearly 2 years and on a bad month have been known to wish for those days again!!!!) and all other symptoms seem to have either disappeared or calmed down completely. Even when I have regained some of the weight, the symptoms have not reappeared and it was really, really bad before - I know you know what I mean!

The other thing I've noticed is how much easier it was to lose weight after I had my daughter and the symptoms had disappeared. I remember my Consultant saying to me at the time that the best "cure" for PCOS is pregnancy and, so far, he has been right so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Wishing you lots and lots of luck and looking forward to hearing your good news when the time comes. :)
I have PCOS and wasnt diagnosed until after my 3rd child, each baby took slightly longer and my 6th baby was conceived using clomid after 2 years of ttc.

I lose slightly lower than my clients on ss but have lost to date 7 stone the first time round and then after having my 6th baby i have lost just under 4 stone. My symtpoms havent got any less since losing the weight and my monthlies are still hit and miss currently on week 7 lol.

This diet is brilliant if you do it 100% and its the one that has worked for me after several attempts at other ones.

Good luck on your goal weight and having babies.

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Me! I hadn't had a period for years before starting CD, they are now coming monthly like they should, I'm doing it for the same reasons ie to get pregnant, and I feel much more confident that my fertility is sorting itself out...fingers crossed for us all!

Corinne x
Hi All, I have recently found out that I have PCOS, however will be visiting my doctor next week to find out about it more. I also want to start trying for a baby in the next few months, i still have another 4-5 stones to lose, to get to target, but will find out more from the doctor next week.


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Keep us posted Shalini! Fingers crossed!
hi Lors,

you have convinced me.......I am goona register with the CD
And all these positive vibes about PCOS are great! Suz xx

I too am a sufferer - hopefully there'll be lots of threads telligs us about new lives growing!!


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i have pcos and had an appointment with my consultant on monday.
he was so impressed with my weight loss he asked me to stay and talk to the others in the waiting room about cd!

he told me as i lose weight my symptoms will improve, hormone balance and all that, apparently the balance is worse the more extra weight there is
It's cos you're amazing and over 1/4 of the way claire. Thats 25% done, 50lbs gone forever!!! You'll be 1/2 way in a blink of an eye!
Hi All, well went to see the doctor this monring, was my 1st meeting with him since going for the ultrasound in hospital. He was going to put me on Metaformin (i think thats how you spell it) medication, however because i do have my periods he said not just yet. He said that majority of people are born with PCOS and by losing weight and exercising will help. So we are all here to improve our health and if we all keep it up together, we can combat this.


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Hi Shalini
Yeah thats what i hoping for at mo - just focusing on losing the weight and seeing how i go from there. The majority of folk say that once at a healthy weight the symptoms are much much less and everything is more regular, which is my hope!

Once thin - bring on the babies!!!

L x
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My daughter whose 17 was diagnosed with PCOS 3 yrs ago. I recognised the symptoms when she was young (she started periods at 9 1/2). The main symptoms were the excess hair and lack of what once were regular peiods. The consultant kept going on about her weight, and not to gain any more She's 5ft 1 1/2 and 8st with a BMI of 20. How much did he want her to lose!!?? She's been on the pill now for 3 years to stop true ovulation happening to try and preserve some ovaries. The hairyness is worsening though:(

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