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  1. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Hi girls thought we could use this to post our yummy recipes to spur each other on...
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  3. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    chicken noodle soup (480 cal - not including veg)

    1 chicken stock cube (30 cal)
    1 block fine noodles (250 cal)
    1 small chicken breast no skin (200 cal)
    All the veg, herbs, chilli and ginger you can find

    Cook the noodles according to the pack and set to one side

    In fry light fry gentle fry off the veg, herbs ginger and chilli. Crumble the stock cube over the stir fry. Add 1 pint of boiling water bring to the boil.
    Thinly slice the chicken breast and add to the soup. boil for 10 mins.

    Add noodles

    Eat yum

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  4. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Lunch for 213 calories (not including salad)

    Creamy pasta surpirse

    Boil 50g of brown pasta and cool (158 cals)
    Chop cucumbers, tomato, spring onion, peppers and celery - mix with cool pasta.
    Mix in 50g low fat soft cheese (55 cals)
    Serve on a bed of iceberg lettuce with pepper to taste

  5. pumpkin2008

    pumpkin2008 Full Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Sweet n sour prawns
    [​IMG] Tesco Pineapple Slices In Juice 227g-1/2 Can 57cals 0g fat
    [​IMG] Bovril Paste 12g 20 cals 0g fat
    [​IMG] Amoy Soy Sauce Light 150ml 2 x 5g 6cals 0fat
    [​IMG] Tesco White Wine Vinegar 350Ml 15g 3cals 0fat
    [​IMG] Fruit Juice, Orange, Unsweetened [​IMG]10g 3cals 0fat
    [​IMG] Splenda Low Calorie Sweetener 90g Tsp 2cals 0fat
    [​IMG] Tesco Tomato Puree 300g [​IMG]10g 30cals
    [​IMG] Peppers Red, Raw [​IMG]2 sliced rings, 20g 6cals 0.1fat
    [​IMG] Tesco Cornflour 250g 5g 18cals 0fat

    Cooking Instructions:

    1, Drain pineapple, reserve juice. Put juice in pan with the stock (5tblsp stock made with chicken bovril),Soy sauce (2 tblsp), vinegar (1tblsp), OJ (4 tblsp)sweetener (1 tsp)tomato puree (1 level tblsp)and the red pepper ( 2 diced rings)
    2. Bring to boil and simmer for 5mins. Mix cornflour with 2tsp water to paste then stir into sauce. Heat gently till thickened up, remove from heat.3. Cut pineapple up smaller, stir into sauce. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.Can be frozen
    Prawns 75g cooked & peeled= 54cals 0.5g fat

    total 84cals

    i usually have with rice or oven chips yumm x
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  6. roaming_fifi

    roaming_fifi Full Member

    Thanks for creating this thread kimmy. I often struggle to think of easy low calorie dinners, please could you give me the receipe for your seafood pasta!?

  7. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Hey Fifi

    Sadly I think this recipe is yum but really quite high in cals as you need quite a bit of oil....anyway

    Seafood delight:

    Mixed bag frozen seafood
    Cherry tomatoes

    Boil pasta (preferably tagliatelle) according to instructions
    heat large glugs of olive oil and gentle simmer garlic for 1 min, add halved cherry toms to mix and continue to simmer for approx 5 mins, add seafood and after 1 min pour over pasta.

    Serve with chopped parsley, salt, pepper and lemon yumma!
  8. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Prawn risotto (2 people)

    150g risotto rice
    2 fish stock cubes
    160g large prawns

    Onions, spring onions, corriander, 1 chilli, small piece ginger, peppers, courgette

    Chop all the veg and herbs, stir fry in fry light for 30 secs low heat. Add rice stir fry for another 30 secs. Add boiling water to cover mix, add stock and reduce on a moderate heat until a sloppy but firm conistency (warning may need constant stiring)
  9. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Prawn Rogan Josh

    35g patkas paste rogan josh
    1/2 carton sieved tomatoes
    180g prawns
    2 spring onion, 1 red onion, 1 courgette, 5 mushrooms and 1/2 a pepper.

    Roughly chop veg, fry off for 2 mins in fry light. Add paste and stir fry for another 5mins. Add toms, simmer for 12 minutes. Add prawns heat for 1 min.

    So easy but so good

    Serve with 75g rice

    500 cals

    Immense when you need a take out!
  10. PrincessSmiles

    PrincessSmiles Full Member

    Weight watchers
    Mmm, I tried Kimber's creamy pasta surprise today - absolutely delish!!
  11. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    wow - it is nice for a light lunch, I tend to be a bit of a andwich luncher but the pasta is good when you have lots of bits to use up!
  12. PrincessSmiles

    PrincessSmiles Full Member

    Weight watchers
    It sure is Kimber! I used it again today - yummy! Thanks for the recipe.
  13. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Please do post some of your own princess - I really struggle to vary my 200 - 250 cal lunches that are filling...
  14. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    Kim's simple rataouille

    1 courgette
    2 carrots
    frozen pepper
    frozen mushrooms
    red onion
    1 spring onion
    Any thing else stir fryey you need to use
    2 teaspoons of organic tom puree

    Chop up veg to small pieces, stir fry in fry light on a very low heat for approx 15 mins. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add puree and 1/4 pint water - let reduce down to your prefered conistency!

    Great for side or lunch with whole meal pitta
  15. kimber

    kimber Full Member

    tuna nicoise (2 lunch portions) Total cals 454 for 2 potions

    320g new pots (234)
    1 tin tuna (146)
    1 egg (74)
    2 handfuls watercress
    1/4 cucumber
    6 cherry toms
    1/2 pepper
    2 carrots
    2 spring onions

    cooked pots, green beans and egg according to your taste
    Make salad large chunks
    Combine together salad beans and tuna, slice egg in half and serve

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