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OK so I have a question for all my fellow slimming worlders. I spent three hours walking around the shops today. According to my body measurements I am 3 inches off the waist 2 off the chest and 3 off my hips from when I started SW. None of my pre sw clothes fit ( well the big ones. I'm now in my smaller size ) however. Shopping today I found that I am in about 4 different sizes of clothes depending on where I shop and the clothes style. So I tried on a range of items in one shop all the same size and here are the results. Not one item fitted nicely
(And if you go by measurements on clothes this is the size I should be)
I'll post the pictures now. But I want to know if anyone else has this struggle or is it an issue for anyone else?
Hi I don't go by measurements but I know what your saying I find tesco an asda are always smaller in size new look sizes come up big an primark well size 8 land lol, I also find yours often come up small to think it all depends on where it's made to.
I can wear anything between sizes 18-24 depending on the shop. Generally I'm a 20 but was mortified to find I could only fit in a size 24 at Evans a few weeks back.
I think most people can identify with this problem - I often wonder why there isn't an industry standard for clothes. I have the added problem of being tall at 5' 11" so clothes proportions are all wrong for me, tops are too short and I can never find a dress where the waistline isn't up under my boobs lol
oh it's so awful I have a range of clothes from 16-24 ... a joke really and I even have medium sized clothes .. clearly I am not medium haha.
I personally gave up on finding trousers or jeans a few years back, I can't wear anything buttoned or zipped as I have a belly button scar that becomes painful if anything digs into it) so I now wear Primark/Yours Clothing leggings or Asda jeggings as they're the only ones that fit properly. Tops wise I can be anwhere between a 26 to 32 (18 to 24 bottoms), which I find incredibly frustrating, even in the same shop I'm never the same size. Evans are the worst for this, something can be ridiculously baggy in a size 32 then another top will be skin tight - sort it out!!
This really bugs me, I wish women's clothing was done by measurement rather than this arbitrary system of numbers we made up on the spot! I have everything from a size 12 Joanna Hope dress from simply be to size 24 and 26 clothes, clearly I know I'm not a 12 but it is so frustrating to have to keep trying different sizes to get what I want. I'm going to a wedding party next week and really wanted a swing dress for a reasonable price so I was looking on eBay last night and some of the sites had 4xl as a size 16!