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Peggy's adventure of hits and misses

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by PeggyDee, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    Hi. I have been on SW for a few months now and recently joined the site here which I love to browse each evening after work. I have decided to start a diary because SW has become such a significant part of my life I find it has become an important part of each day.

    A bit about me.... I am a South African married to a Brit and have been living in the UK for just under 10 years. My darling OH is one of those really annoying skinny people who can eat huge amounts of anything and still be skinny, but he is incredibly supportive of me and my efforts to lose weight.

    I was inspired to join SW by my sister in law. She has been confined to a wheelchair for over a year while waiting for an operation on her foot. When she realised she was unable to exercise and walk as she used to she joined SW and lost over 3 stone. She and the family never judged me but I was so embarrassed standing next to her while I was so overweight and yet able to walk and run and spend most of my work day walking around a classroom. My embarrassment and the wonderful food she always served us made me realise that I had to do something. It was mainly her wonderful recipes and enthusiasm that led me towards SW rather than any other slimming group, but once I started group last October I have not looked back and love the SW way of eating. It works for me so here I am now.
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  3. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    Not a bad day...

    breakfast muller light, pear and nectarine
    lunch: seeded ciabbatta roll (3 syns), laughing cow light blue cheese (1.5 syns), bacon with all fat cut off
    dinner: roast pork with all fat cut off and no crackling, baked sweet potato, carrots, cabbage, beans and gravy made with stock cubes and water from the veg
    snack: apple
    HEB - hmmmm, nothing yet, perhaps I'll snack on some dried apricots while watching telly
    HEA - skimmed milk measured in the morning and used during the day in several cups of tea

    Total syns 4.5
    Activity: couch potato :hide:
  4. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    What a week! I would have like to catch up with my diary but life got in the way, including two courses in my free time, one on Saturday and one after school on Monday, a 4 hour parent teachers evening on Wednesday and a car break down resulting in about 6 hours of car related activities in a single day (and I thought my car was supposed to save me time waiting for busses and trains :cry:). And all this during a week when I have been having a particularly rough period - I always do but some months are worse than others, this month deciding to really remind me how bad it can be - so feeling ill, nauseous, and physically low all week too. All other free time was dedicated to catching up on lost hours and being prepared for my lessons and I simply didn't have time or energy to write my little diary.

    Now it is Saturday and I have a bit of free time so here is the latest update. Without listing all the meals I have planned and prepared this week it has been a pretty good week for my 3 daily meals, but a very, very bad week for going over syns. I have had lots of pigging out sessions on chocolate, biscuits and crisps. I find that the less organised I am, the more unexpected and unusual things happen (like broken cars and parents evenings) the less I am able to think clearly through the consequences of syns. Being unprepared for lessons as a result of other stuff happening has also meant my mind is focussed on trying to catch up rather than on planning and preparing my meals and syns. It sounds like an excuse but I am not an emotional or stressed out eater, but one who needs the calm and daily routine to keep on track.

    I weigh in on Tuesday nights so I'm hoping that with life settling down to less than mad chaos I will be able to reorganise myself and remotivate myself to get back on plan as soon as possible.... in time to show a loss on Tuesday night. So from today....
    breakfast - banana and nectarine, muller light toffee flavour
    lunch - ryvita and scrambled egg
    dinner - one pot chicken and rice dish from SW recipe book
    syns - I am going to try not allow myself any syns to make up for the over indulgence earlier in the week, rather snacking on fruit, but at least I know I have a syn allowance if I need it.
  5. Aesa

    Aesa Full Member

    I am exactly the same needing calm and routine to stay on track PeggyDee. It all goes wrong when things throw me out of my rhythm!

    Good luck with getting back on track.
  6. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    Yesterday was not a bad day. I had decided not to have any syns but did make allowances for just in case I caved in. Well after dinner I had two custard creams so a total of 6 syns for the day. That is really not bad, and although I had the biccies I was able to stop at two. For the rest of the week, once the biccie tin was opened I would just stop counting and eat continuously.

    So I feel like I am getting that will power under control again. It was a case of telling myself before I opened the tin how many I would allow myself, and sticking to it. So I feel a lot more in control after yesterday. The home scales, though temperamental, are being very kind to me today so I am feeling rather good about myself as I start sunday. Still lying in bed with a cup of tea, so no meals yet, but that feeling of being in control before I start is so much better than the rest of the week has been.
  7. Aesa

    Aesa Full Member

    Well done stopping at just 2 biccies!!
  8. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    Thanks Aesa. I feel as though I am back in control.

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