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PennyJane's losses


Team 1 all the way!
Hey it's not a bad start! I assume you were hoping for a bigger 1st wk loss, but was it that time of month? Had you cut down the week before with carbs?
I am sure you'll see a big loss next week, and 8.5lb in 2 wks is fab. If you were on WW/SW, what would you have lost? Bout 4lb roughly?
Keep sticking to it and the weight will fly off.
Good luck xxx


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It was that cheese, hun. That's all.

Stay away from the nibbles next week! :slap: :D

Besides, 8.5 pounds in 2 weeks - that's still pretty amazing. WWs actually boast that you can lose 5 pounds in a fortnight on their plan... :8855:
You're right, I know! Just that I feel so tired and not sure ketosis has properly kicked in yet. When I stand up my heart beats rapidly and I feel very heady. Is this normal? Perhaps if I tell you what's happened from the beginning then perhaps someone can tell me why I am feeling so bad and not feeling that 'runner's high'.

2 weeks before CD I did WW but I think with a little cheating

Week 1 on CD I had a v nasty throat infection and was advised by a locum to not do the diet. I then decided to try and stick to 810kcal until I could see my doc.

Week 2 Saw my doc on the monday and gave me the all clear. Doing SS+ Have been very active with girls at home.. swimming, iceskating and walking. Then yesterday was in a meeting with the bathroom for the best part of the day.

Week 2 Today: still feel very tired and craving chocolate and chips like mad!!!

Please, I'd love some advice here and thanks for the lovely comments Lily and catssseyes xxx
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Oops. Adding this cos I've just read your other thread and see that you've been having tummy troubles - and I didn't want to come over as a heartless cow...:eek:

Being poorly can play havoc with the scales too. Your body can retain water in order to help itself get better. I'm willing to bet that if you have a good week this week, you'll see some great results next week.

Hope you start feeling a lot better soon. :hug99:


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LOL, me again.

The light-headed feeling's pretty common. It gets better in time, I promise. Sometimes it can be a sign you need to drink more (though sometimes it can be a sign you drank too much water - go figure:)).

As for the tiredness thing, well, it does sound like you're doing quite a lot. That could well be the problem. In the early days of CD, you need to take it a little easier for a while, IMHO. Just until your body gets used to the idea it ain't getting much in the form of calories. :) And as you've been poorly to boot, that must be making things worse.

It took a few weeks actually for me to get that feeling of well-being that people on VLCDs talk about. But after that, there was no stopping me (well, not until I fell off the wagon after nearly 7 months :slap:))...

More hugs.

Edited to add - yes, I'm doing ok - thanks for asking. On Day 6 of a restart. Think I'm almost through the worst of it... :)


Team 1 all the way!
Aww Penny, I didn't realise you'd been ill too. What a nightmare start. Just give your body time to get better and ignore the scales for now. i wish you all the best as I'm also struggling this wk with stupid tummy probs! xxx
Thanks Catssseyes. I think there is a bug going round anyway. Today I feel better than yesterday. I've been shopping, bought my daughter a hamster for her birthday (cute) and now me and OH are off to a garden centre to buy a bird bath.
Could do with some comfort food right now - seriously hitting an all time confidence low.

I know it's out of topic but I need to off-load otherwise I might eat something.

I've been looking for a job for ages and all I am getting is rejection after rejection, even for something as basic as administrator, I'm getting rejection letters. I did have 3 interviews two weeks ago and two of them I came 2nd in but this isn't enough. And, some people (especially the agencies) just don't care!

boohoo - I feel a right thicko!
Hi penny,
I lost 3lb my second week and was hoping I suppose for more... don't we always!
I had an injury to my back last week and someone told me I might retain water, and i have also heard that illness makes you retain too, but regardless of whether you have retained or not, you have lost over half stone in 2 weeks and as such are doing great!
You really DON'T want to eat Penny, your personal sabotage system is telling you that you can't do it, that it's not worth it!!!
You however hold the trump card as you know you can do it!!!
As for jobs! Not being able to get a job isn';t about you really.. just too many people out there competing for same jobs.. my OH is in same position. He isn't even getting rejections, they just ignore him!

Stay on here or go and have a long bubble bath but whatever you do, don''t throw away your fab last two weeks losses.

God, why am I in such a bad mood today?? The weight is coming off!!

- exam's looming and constantly wondering what to do about work -

boohoo I feel such a waste of space at times!


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Know what you mean about the bad mood. I'm ok today, but on Sunday I was a bear. :D

I think it's just that normally I can beat myself up about being overweight and finding it hard to do something about it. Now I haven't got that excuse! I am doing something about it! So my subconcious went off looking for something else to smack me in the teeth with...

Anyway, 'nuff about me. You're not an elephant and the reason you haven't got that job yet is because the right one hasn't come along yet! You were just too good for those other ones. :)

Hope you feel a bit better soon.

Serena A

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Hey Penny

You've had some great advice on this thread. :)

I low-carbed to prepare myself for CD and "only" lost 3lb in my first week of SS and 5lb in my second - just like you (well 1/2lb less than you to be exact :D).

I never got the weight loss whooshes that others get and it was disheartening sometimes to see everyone else losing 4-5 lb a week, but CD gave me what no other diet has ever given me - consistency.

Life will always throw all sorts at you but things can just feel more intense whilst on CD because you can't run off and have a drink/meal/whatever. The key to success on this diet is to accept that you will have your ups and downs with both your rate of weightloss and with your moods - if you look for an excuse to nibble you will always find one so remember that there is always an excuse to start eating but rarely a reason.

Good luck with the job hunting and I hope you feel better soon. xx
Well today is week three's weigh in. Have felt absolutely **** today. Tiredness, breathlessness just standing up and really hungry, though still cold. It could be due to early onset TOTM but not entirely sure. I reckon my 'cheat' on friday afternoon hasn't helped matters and someone rightly said last week that it's fine if you want to cheat but then we know that there'll then be a follow up post moaning about how **** we feel etc. I've learnt from this mistake and hope that I'll feel back into the throws of it in the next day or two.

Roll on weigh in time!!! 7pm tonight!!!!


Loving losing
Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you...

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