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people are so shallow


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i started today on a high ,i had got to day 2 . and ended it totaly depressed .

1. mum ,, dont no why you bothering you will only put ot bk on

2 friend so wen you going to start your diet (with friend like that )

3 i remember wen you was stick thin ( hay sherlock no **** dont you think i remember that)

do people realy not think before they open there stupid mouths .

had bad day anyway as had to sell my horse as had the accident on her and hubby worried for me so banned me from riding her . will get new one . but broke my heart ....

but it is very disheartening we we try so hard on this diet .

but huddy was lovely hes reply to all this is well the only one that you should listern to is me and i think you doing great and love you for trying so hard . bless bet he going football saturday lol xx

well feel better now . hope every one ok

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I have had the " youll put it all back on after" and its so blooming anoying! there are ppl on this site that have kept it off for months and even years! so they can shove the unwanted comments where the sun dont shine lol! atleast your hubby is really supportive! shame about the horse hun but if it was a bit dangerous its prob for the best x

irish molly

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Hey, as long as you are happy with what you are doing then don't worry about anyone else's opinion. They will see the new you in a couple of months and then the compliments will fly. Hubby supports you so that is all that matters right now. Stick with it, you will win out.
Be stron hun!

I have friends who HATE e doing this.

One is stick thin and can eat whatever she wants and EVERY time we go out she goes on at me. This week, she bought me carrot cake when we were in Starbucks!! She really doesn't get it.

The other is 'my size' and when we get together it's all about 'treats' - nice food and wine, so it's hard with her too.

Just keep laughing them off. Now the results are starting to show, it's easier because I want to keep going.

At least you have a supportive hubby!

Good luck chick x


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Aww Lisa, firstly sorry that you had to sell your horse :( maybe in the long run it might have been the best thing as there will always be the memory of the accident in your mind and the fear that something like that will happen again. With a new horse that fear might not be there quite so much. Its hard when you you have to lose an animal like that - its not quite pet but more like a friend. New Horse = new adventures. Good luck with finding your new friend.

Now for those mean people who are not supporting you - they have not had to live in your body and go through what you have been through in being larger. They dont know how difficult it is be large, they assume that they know. Most of us cover up our upset, disappointment and sorrow by being the stereotypical Jolly Fat Person - they dont see us crying at night, angry at the small choices of clothes to wear, the fact we cannot sit in certain seats, that we are jeered at in restaurants and clubs etc - all they see is the happy side we allow them to. They are also used to seeing us at a certain size and change scares them - because they think that we will change our personalities. Yes we will become more confident and outgoing and maybe they dont like that as that is not the person they love.

Some of them also say it because they love you and think that they are helping you. I have a friend who really hates me being on this diet because he says that it will kill me in the long run, because he knew people many years ago that did some similar diet and they got seriously ill from it. He will not let me explain anything about this diet, about how its more medically managed than others, that my Gp has approved me being on this diet, that I have not had any ill effects from it etc. Its a subject that we darent talk about else we would have a massive fight and falling out. Some of my friends say that he is upset over it because it means that I will become more attractive and "leave him" - which is not going to be the case ever.

You have to do this for yourself and people will soon see how happy that you are once you have lost all that weight and become healthier and sexier :D.

I'm glad that your hubbie supports you in this - after all his opinion is the most important other than your own. Keep up the good work (and sorry for the long post :) )


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Sending you a big hug, I hate when I have days like that and I know how you feel. Shrug off the petty remarks and keep in mind that you are doing this for YOU and nobody else, who cares what they think. If it persists then thank them for their concern and tell them that you'd prefer they kept their well meaning remarks to themselves in future as it's upsetting you.
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Hun you are gonna come across so many people who are against this diet and what is worse they have no idea how it works etc. Ive noticed this even more since ive started refeed, its amazing how people can say such stupid things. Im so sorry to hear about you having to sell your horse it must have been absolutely heartbreaking. its a bad day and take note that you didnt go running to food. You came here and talked about it. Well done.


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1. You wont put it back on if you change your habits. I came off LT end of May, and lost another stone, by having 1250 calories a day for a couple of months, I gradually built this up. I now follow the 80/20 rule and basically eat what I want and drink what I want at the weekends and then just be careful during the week. You will find your own method if you are determined, so dont let anyone put you off, do this for you. xx
wow didnt realise how many ppl from ireland im finding here!!..i just bounced over from the slimfast world..and im broadening my horizons...ive been on slimfast for two months now and my eating habits have changed completely . i have about 4 stone to get off so i think i should try lipotrim.. how much are people in dublin paying for it??

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