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People never change!!!


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Hi everyone, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Fi and have had great success with lipotrim, I am very happy with how I am at the moment, I've been maintaining now for 3 months and am very impressed with myself. I'm a student nurse so am very aware of the health implications associated with being over weight. I've had some wonderful support from fellow students, but only yesterday I've yet again come across a negative attitude from a lecturer (who may I say is quite overweight). I was told that this diet will damage me psychologically and physiologically. What a load of rubbish!!! Before this diet I was so depressed, had no get up and go, couldn't be bothered, you know what I mean. Now I feel great with myself, have got loads of energy, can fit into lovely clothes, can keep up with my kids, life is good. Let me just say you may come across these negative people along the way, but who are they to judge. If you can keep up with this diet, and I hope you all do, then you can all achieve success. Speaking from someone who 's got the t-shirt and knows where your mind is at the moment, don't let anyone dissuade you, you are doing brilliantly and your outlook will improve. The comments I received are like water off a ducks back now, but early on they really hurt. keep focused and think of what you will achieve, because you will achieve it. I wish everyone big success and best of luck. xx Fi
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aaaw.. *blushes*.. thanks doll.. ive had a past two months.. but fingers crossed im still keeping my head in the game.. lol..
you've done amazingly well.. You must be so proud of yourself..
x x
Jealousy is a terrible thing Fiona, which is probably at the heart of many negative comments. :sigh: People can see you looking so much better and happier and they try to sabotage it.

I think every slimmer meets this attitude. That's why we need the encouragement from our friends on this site. No one is going to say stop trying or find fault with the method which is working for us. Well done on your loss, and your ability to maintain.


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thank you xx, am learning to take compliments, in the past have shrunk into the background to make myself disappear, but now I'm struttin ma stuff, lol only joking, but tbh I feel blooming brill it's a great feeling , should bottle the feeling and make a fortune he he.
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Great post Fi thank you.

I must admit I am a coward and don't tell everyone what diet I am doing. Close friends and my OH and children know but I just can't be bothered to have to justify my choices and feel it is none of their business anyway.

One woman stopped me out side the local school and told me I had lost weight. "You aren't doing that LL diet are you?" she said in a very negative way and I was very pleased to be able to reply no - well LT is not LL!!!

why do people do that??

Well done on your achievement and on the maintaining - that is the hard bit :)


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Call me weird - but i can't wait for negative comments to come my way!!! Up till now i haven't had any - everyone who cares for me knows the struggle i have had with losing weight over the past 18 yrs and now all i see is smiles of encouragement from them.

Every friday i go into work and i have a gazillion people round me asking how much weight i have lost this week. They are all so supportive and encouraging :D

When/if the first negative comment gets thrown my way i can't wait to reel off how fantastic i feel, how in control i am, how this is changing how i feel about myself, not to mention the nutrition side of things - i bet i never ever ingested the right amount of nutrients my body needed in a day before LT. My eyes sparkle, my hair shines, my skin is flawless and i am shrinking too!! How could ask for more :D

My family and loved ones are the same.

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Great post Fi and congrats on maintaining for 3 months! You're an inspiration hun :)


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great post, that lecturer is prob very jealous and doubts her own ability to change her ways like you have.


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It's like I said, I've learned to let the negative comments, which aren't regular may I add, fly right over my head, I couldn't give a monkeys chuff what they think, I feel great and that's all that matters. I do feel like a different person and with determination so will all of you. Just keep up the good work and before you know it you'll be at goal. Well done everyone big hugs xx
well done hun, and well done on maintaining, there is always going to be someone saying something bad about the diet, same with cd. sod them hun, you look fab you should be very proud of yourself :) xx


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Fiona, well done for maintaining sucessfully. The negative comments have no relevance to your future!