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People noticed today !!!


wants to be slim
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Hi- today at work i wore my new size 16 jeans and top for work (used to be a size 20) - and for the 1st time since i started the diet the fella who sits opposite me (and he knows i'm on a diet) said "I really starting to notice how much weight you've lost now" -- its amazing how different you feel & look wearing a top that actually shows that you have a waist and curves in the right places instead of wearing baggy shapeless clothes that don't show your shape at all.

My husband and my mum also commented today that I looked slimmer in my new vest top as well.

It is really motivating when you get 'nice' comments like this rather than the usual "you'll just put it back on again when you start to eat normally" or "how do you do it - its not normal"

:D -- Hooray - its working and it feels good

claire xx
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How proud you must be feeling! Its a great thing, compliments just make yr determination sore. Keep up the good work!:clap:


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It really is great motivation isnt it when someone compliments you! Especially someone who you work with and see pretty much everyday!

Keep up the good work chick :) x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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What a lovely boost for you!!!! It is so uplifting to hear nice comments and it makes all your hard work so worthwhile.


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Thats great - must give you a real confidence boost.


Determined and motivated!
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it is fantastic when people notice, you must feel really good! And in a size 16 already, go you!
I think its really funny when you can see a visible difference, and then people start saying things......except for the jealous one's who pretend you haven't changed at all lol.....there's a few of those types at my work!!! x


Eyes on the Prize!!
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Well done!!!

Ha monkey there's some of those at my work too! Some have not said a word but I can hear them saying something to other people. Then there are those that come up and say something or send little motivational emails.

You find out who really is on your side when it comes to losing weight like this and you find out who still want you to be big!!


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You must be so proud of yourself :)

Its great when other people see a difference, its a great reminder that it works and your hard work is paying off x


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Aww that's a lovely post Claire. I'm so happy for you :)

Isn't it the best feeling in the world! Take every single compliment and cherish it! It's so great to be able to wear clothes as they are meant to be worn - fitted to your body. It's so great not having to cover up and hide.

You're doing brilliantly sweetie. Keep at it!


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