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People on Facebook making crude comments about fat people!

I was on facebook yesterday and saw were a friend was tagged on something for writing a comment, so I took a look, wish I hadn't looked because it really bothered me and made me sick to see the nasty and snide comments people make so openly on Facebook about bigger people. :mad:

The were commenting on an airline passenger who didn't fit his seat. Here is what they said (I've removed all names).

I have to say I felt a bit sorry for this man sitting a few seats ahead of me on my flight home yesterday.

Oh no... Was he able to wear a seatbelt??? doesnt look like he would pass safety tests!!!

He must have got an extension belt. But the problem was that the airhostess couldn't push her trolley past him so anybody behind him couldn't get a drink :(

what the hell is that?a bouncy castle?

ah well, at least it wasnt long haul!!!

Yeah I know I don't think he would have fit into the loo, bless.

He could join the mile high club and never know.

I don't think the life jacket would have fitted him. Just as well we didn't plunge into the sea!

this is absolutely the fault of the airline who should have insisted he buy 2 seats so that he could sit down safely and comfortably. I feel sorry for the guy next to him...he wouldn't get out in an emergency!! Which airline Marisa...name and shame :)

God the poor cabin crew working that flight, unreal!

OMG!! I don't know which guy I pity more. Unreal

Yes 2 seats should have been advised to him. Jeez, rather awkward for all involved!!

fat ****s like that should not be alowed on plains etc...if you had you're luggage hanging out like that they would say you have to move it as it's a fire hazzard...so why is it ok to have piles of fat,piss and **** blocking your way instead
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I know this was originally posted a while ago, but ive just seen it and OMG!!!! :mad: I cannot believe what some people will say about another human. I can imagine that poor man would have been embarrassed enough as it is. I do agree that his seating should have been better organised for safety and his comfort, but that last comment was disgusting. When the people are totally without flaws they can comment on others but until then they should just keep their opinions to themselves!!! Sorry rant over! xxx
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That's horrible. I always feel really awkward on planes like people are judging me. Now I know they probably are :(
My boyfriend's brother posted a picture of a large girl with a very skinny guy getting married. And the comments were disgusting. My boyfriend's sister even compared them to relatives saying you could call them X n Y. Everyone was just laughing at them. But my Boyfriend's brother's girlfriend made a very nice comment saying, "People find it amusing and bravery to post pictures of people who they don't know and without permission and ridicule them. GOD has created us all uniquely and beautifully, how can you all call yourself muslims and god fearing when you abuse his creation- SHAME on you ALL!" I think that was a lovely comment and nice of her. But the rest ignored her comments and continued to bash the poor couple :(.
It's awful people posting these types of things! I hvae people on mine who will join groups related to 'fat people' and when very slim people put statuses up relating themselves to being on the larger side when clearly they are NOT! I can also have friends around who will say 'look at my thighs, they are the size of an house' and I will always throw a comment back sying that if yours are the size of an house, then what does that make me!! x
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The last person at least is not very intelligent ... he couldn't even spell planes .... (plains!!!!)
Just ignore the brainless idiots and move on.
And oh... maybe post a link here to this page, where they can see how we feel about THEM and THEIR comments.


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I swear some people just disgust me..i mean they dont know this man's story why he's overweight etc..its not for anyone to judge somebody that is overweight.. at the end of the day it says more about them really... sad!!!
I feel so angry now grrrrrr:flamingmad:


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How Horrible! but one thing i have realised, people do only talk about others to cover up their own insecurities..


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It's so sad..this man is someone's brother, son, husband or father. If they are on the same flight, then the odds are that they live in roughly the same city..so with all the tagging, who knows who will see this. Imagine the hurt if you saw someone you know being talked about like this...it's pathetic.
It's like they're saying that he doesn't deserve to be on holidays because of his weight. What if he was just over an illness that made him overweight because he had to take steroids, for example?
This just makes me sad.


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I must say things like this make me sick! I remove facebook contacts if they making comments like that or jokes racial ones swell I just don't approve and I don't thinkits funny! My other halts ex wife was a prime one for it even when we were civil to one another, she's not the slimmest little person either! No need for it x


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That last comment was the worst one. I mean some of them weren't so bad, making suggestions etc but the last one was just unnecessary! If they were my "friend" they'd be getting a right mouthful!
Facebookers can be awful - it's easy to be nasty "virtually", isn't it. After losing 2 stone on Cambridge (I still have 4 stone to go to get to goal weight of 10st), my young cousin took a photograph of us and put it as her profile pic on fb. I thought I looked really good cos I know how far I've come, and one of her classmates said "did u use fatbooth on that girl?" about me (fatbooth is a phone app that makes you look bigger than you are). I was really hurt and upset, and he's only 11, he doesn't know any better!! But still, I was gutted because if worked so hard and was doing so well on Cambridge at the time!
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it happens all the time though about all sorts of aspects in life. people are so rude and disrespectful to others.

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