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People say Milkshake diets are a waste of time

Talk about not getting words of encourangement ! spoke to 3 people during the course of yesterday and when I said I was having Milkshakes, they all went, "thats all crap", "silly to put your body through that torture" "it does not work", "you'll put on more than you lost afterwards" etc....

I was expecting the opposite... to say great ! you have my support !!

Well its made me even more determined with Day 1 & 2 being 100% on LT and waking up to day 3.....with not even an ounce of other snacks. :p :fingerscrossed::happy036:
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What ridiculous statements, Gopi. You know this will work, so keep up that determination. When in need of support, log on here. We'll be your cheerleaders! I find it best not to talk of it at all as I know I'll get exactly those kinds of comments . . . both from stick, thin people or those not disciplined enough to tackle their weight.


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Hi Gopi
You've decided to do this diet. Presumably you've thought long and hard about all the reasons why you want to do it - and it is a big committment, financial as well as the sheer toughness of it. You cannot let other people's prejudices, negativity & uneducated opinions put you off course. Cause the reality is you need to do this for YOU, not them. This diet is hard enough without having to take on board the opinions of some negative people. Also bear in mind some people need to validate themselves & their situations by being negative about the positive attitudes or deeds of others. Ignore them - ONWARDS & UPWARDS!
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Please do not worry about what they think. Just prove yourself right when the weight starts to fall off.


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They'll eat their words when your looking super slim in no time at all ;) x


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They're just uneducated and narrow minded opinions. Ignore and continue as you are. They will soon eat their words when the weight drops off :) xx

Ella Belle

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Gopi, don't take it to heart, we've all heard that probably more than once...it'll make your success all the more sweet to prove them wrong :) x


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when people dont understand something like this they just say it wont work. the only way you'll put on all the weight and more is if you go back to eating too much food and not exercising enough.

this diet just helps you loose the weight, it cant control what we do afterwards. ovbiously if we go back to our old bad habits and sit scoffing biscuits we'll gain weight like anyone would. but LOADS of people maintain their weight loss after being on diets like this so dont dispair. medically and scientifically there is no reason we should regain if we refeed properly and eat heathy food afterwards. the diet itself does not make us gain weight afterwards, only we are in charge of that.

dont mind what people say because they really dont know what they are talking about and are basing it on their very limited experience. we will loose the weight and keep it off!! we can totally do it!! I've learned not to bother telling people if at all possible because i hate having to try to explain it and defend it to people who dont understand. (ps check out the maintance section for great inspiration)

Best of Luck!!!!!!!! You'll do GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
I think every single person on this forum is proof that milkshake diets do work!! lol ive given up telling people im on this deit because they all say the same thing, bunch of know it alls !! lol they make me laugh, like ANY diet, you will put the weight back on if you go back to your old eating habits eating junk its not bloody rocket science! grr stupid people lol
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i've avoided telling any1 either, as i was one of those people who believed what everyone was saying and gave up and didn't change my eating habits too positively, and gained back 11lbs, although it did take me 2 years. (last LT attempt). The hardest part will most definitely be the maintenance, but its all about planning, and the time away from food will give us enough time to really think about how we got here, and the drastic steps we had to take to get the weight off. If we are committed enough for tfr then we can control ourselves through food too. Im expecting it to be a battle but I know i can be successful cause i really want it enough.
Thanks every1 for the booster.... i'm just going to laugh inside when I next get a standard uneducated comment !


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Oh my god the words 'You will put it all back on' are one of the biggest bug bears of my life! Look at it this way, how many people have done Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Atkins etc etc and wound up putting all the weight back on? LOADS! But never ever have I heard someone say to a person on Weight Watchers 'Oh you'll just put it all back on' even to people who are on their 3rd, 4th, 5th attempt at it because, low and behold they HAVE put it all back on every time!

All diets will work if you stick to them (albeit at different paces) and you will gain your weight back after any diet if you go out and trough like a pig! Why people think this is so different I have no idea!

I am like many of the others on here, the only people who know are those who need to know, I find too many negative comments knock me off plan.

Anyway, chin up hun, ignore them and just sit there smug when you are sat there slim in 2 years time :) xx
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I've read all above comments and totally agree. It drives me crazy too! Also when people say its the maintenance thats the hard work. I know!!! I think personally I have had to motivate myself so much to lose this much weight why would I want to blow it all by eating the way I did before and putting it all back on again. Most people that make these comments are overweight themselves and extremely jealous of what we have or are about to accomplish ourselves. Let it go over your head. The only person who knows what will happen is yourself and how you change your diet. Keep your chin up and keep focused, youre doing great! :)
Emma x

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