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People saying.... (little rant alert)


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
  • They think you should stop now
  • You have lost enough
  • You look good as you are
  • Don't lose anymore
  • You won't be the you we know if you lose anymore
and so on....

Cheeky toads!

They wouldn't say any of those things when you are/were getting bigger so what do they think gives them the right to do so when you are getting smaller!

I quite rightly point out that I will stop when I am good and ready to stop!

Kat <steps off my soapbox> xx :D

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running strictly on fat!
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Well said!!! They are all jelous xx
Yo Yo Yo.......................;)
Am doing LL for me, so will not be stopping until 'me' is done! :D


Gotta Make A Change
Damn right it's all me me me

LL Gal

Beautiful day
S: 15st9lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 6st13lb(44.29%)
I know what you mean ... as though I can't think for myself! How dare they?!

Part of me knows that in some ways they're trying to be complementary, but I feel by choosing those words they are being critical, with a bit of jealousy thrown in even if it's subconscious.

If I'm so inclined, I throw the figures at them ... eg my BMI indicates that I am still obese/overweight or I want my BMI to be in the middle of the normal range so that I have a bit of leeway ... they don't argue with the facts! Ultimately I shouldn't have to explain myself anyway!
It is frustrating Kat. How come people think they have the right to tell you to stop losing weight?
They didn't feel the need to tell us to stop
killing ourselves with food before!!
Sometimes when people ask if I'm eating real food now I say "yes, are you?"
If they say I shouldn't lose any more I
would like to say "youcoujld do with losing a few pounds yourself."
I haven't been brave enough - yet!:rolleyes:

It seems that it is a free for all for anyone to comment when I am losing weight. My workmate who is 5ft 8 and weighs 8.4 stone and is aged 49 thinks that it is ok to say that I am going to far when I am 43, 5ft 4" and weigh 9.5 stone or so, my best friend who is of a similar build reacts the same way. :sigh:

Equally, I have heavier friends who look at every morsel I do or don't eat and comment that "Only dogs like bones, real men like meat" or something along those lines. :sigh:

You can't win. As long as you don't become to obsessed then we obviously have to please ourselves.

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