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People who say you'll put the weight back on...

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Hi All,

I dont know if this annoys other people too?

I was talking to a woman at work last night and she was asking what I was eating. When I explained to her, which I dont mind telling people, her reaction was really bad.

The first thing is that she looked really worried for me and said that isnt really healthy at all. My reply was which university did you qualify as a doctor at? haha :8855:

She then said well I know friends who have put all the weight back on and more. My reply was poor them going back to eating the way they did before and wasting all that money on not learning about their eating habbits etc.

She was not impressed and said I was very defensive.

Of course I am defensive about something I strongly believe in. It also annoys the life out of me how other people 1 - think they're a doctor and 2 - they know what is best for you.

Does anyone else have this issue?

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Hey Lee
you post really made me laugh - you get all types of people in this world and some are just jealous and some are just plain horrid
its none of their business and if you dont have anything good to say then its best not to say anything at all !!
i havent told many people for that reason alone - i dont want negative thoughts around me - we know what we are doing and only we can make the life long change and make it work
Hello Lee,
Most of us have come across this attitude usually from people who have read headlines in newspapers, don't need to lose weight and know nothing about LL.
The way to deal with it is to carry on get fitter, healthier and happier - next time you see them they won't recognise you!
Whatever diet people do they will put the weight back on if they do back to their old habits:
"If you always do what you always did - you'll always get what you always got" !!
You'll also come across the people who try and sabotage you because either they don't want you to be slimmer than them or they can't cope with seeing someone determined to achieve a goal and doing it. There are loads of complex psychological reactions to us taking control and changing our lives - watch out! By the way, there are good ones too - people who are supportive and happy for us.
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I just love telling the ones that say 'It can't be healthy' that my doctor supports it 100% because the weight I was is what is unhealthy.
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I tend to reassure those people (who, I feel, are mostly concerned for my well being!) about the form I had to have filled out and the blood pressure checks every four weeks, which tends to calm them down considerably. If they still don't, I politely explain what my BMI was before and how the risks associated with a VLCD are far outweighed by the risks of being obese!

I've had quite a lot of people question the safety of the diet, especially health nuts, but never had a problem getting them to back down in the face of evidence to the contrary... yet!
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Great responses. I did keep it a secret at first for this very reason but very soon thought 'stuff it'. I feel better, I look better and I'm now overweight not obese. As it has been pointed out, this is supported by our GPs and we continue to be monitored. I did just get my BP done at a chemist this first month (£1 vs £11 at the surgery!) but will go to the practice next month just to make sure I see a health professional. In reality, no-one has been negative to my face yet - no saying this won't happen when the difference becomes more noticeable though! Stay strong everyone xx

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