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Peppermint tea??


Happily pro pointing!
Does this count towards your water or is it extra?
Also what other flavours can we have (I know we can't have flowers or fruit) but not sure what we can have that counts towards the water.
Struggling with taking the water, and getting sick of the flavourings.

I want to try and mix it up a bit.
Any ideas?

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Happily pro pointing!
Hi dancing
I am taking the full 4 L and a little bit more at the moment, but I can see me having trouble if I don't try and vary it a bit.
I do like both the flavourings hot so had a little of that yesterday.
I have tried the st clements in sparkling which I do like, it is just a bit more difficult to drink so much of it with all the gas.
Just thought there might me another flavour I could add in, like the peppermint tea.
I think I will try and alternate what I know I can have for now.
I know it is important, so just want to try and sort it now rather than later, otherwise I will end up not drinking enough.
The peppermint tea is nice and you can chill it, too, if that appeals. I've been drinking green tea with a bit of jasmine flavour (yes I know it's flowers, but only a tiny bit and I haven't noticed any bad effects). Also very weak Earl Grey tea or (apparently, haven't tried it) nettle tea.

Bad news, though, is that any 'proper' tea, including green, doesn't count for your water total, as it's diuretic. Pure peppermint might, though...:confused:

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