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Pepperoni Crisps?

No i not heared, but i have bought some peporoni sausages... Going to allow myself either 1 of them or something else...

I have also bought pork scratchlings as a snack .. :) And lipotrim packs for a mouse (made with gelatine)
I haven't heard of that Peachy, but then they rarely live long enough around me to get crisped. :D

It's worth a try I suppose.
i'll let you know if i try it


Regular diet flirt!!! :)
Hi, a newbie on this site but I did Atkins a few years ago with great success. This sounds like a great idea, I used to do something similar with cheese slices but you have to get them just right else they can ignite lol. Will keep an eye on this or maybe even try it myself.
Hi Craig, welcome mate. I'm assuming your bloke here. ;)


Regular diet flirt!!! :)
Yup, a tad outnumbered it seems lol. I've had a look at your success story Jim and bloody Hell you've done well. I managed to go from 17st to 13st 5 or so years ago but I couldn't keep it up. Just got bored of eggs and meat and wasn't too good in the kitchen. Weight has yo-yo'd a lot since then, dropping to 14 stone when I spilt up with my wife a couple of years ago. Now happy again but have hit 16st and want to sort myself out. Have terrible mid-afternoon carb crashes and feel so tired, miss the energy and zest for life that I had on Atkins and so I'm back. Actually going to follow this Neris and India book which I've just ordered from Amazon, seems a popular choice. Thanks for the welcome too :sign0144:


Happy to be slim at last
Yes welcome CraigyD
Have terrible mid-afternoon carb crashes and feel so tired,
God yes, I remember them, Craig, I used to dam near snooze at my desk at work.


Regular diet flirt!!! :)
Sorry, I just have been! Had to go for a walk to the vending machine (for a cup of water only) as I could feel myself literally nodding off. Don't want to derail the thread but how do I add an avatar? It won't let me!


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Yes i was wondering that 2... couldnt see where to add a photo at all , but that may be me being inept
You have to do 25 posts or more before you can add an avatar guys.


Happy to be slim at last
Go and play some of the many word association threads running on the othe boards and that will get your posts up quickly.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
LOL, I need it with you load of nutty females. :D


Regular diet flirt!!! :)
I don't think you need it Jim, you have your own fanclub lol!

This is actually a pretty cool forum, glad I've found it. I used to use forums for advice and support a few years ago but they seem to have disappeared (they were linked to low carb on-line shops at the time. Think one was called Sugarlite).

Anyway, whilst trawling around I came across this Go Lower thread. I've looked at the site and it is certainly appealing but very expensive. Being a typical man I'm crap in the kitchen (can manage bacon and eggs though) and seriously lack imagination. I was thinking about doing a 7 day Go Lower trial just to kick start my body into ketosis ( I can struggle to get into Ketosis) and the the following week go it alone - well not quite alone now that I've found you happy bunch lol. It costs £50 but that gets you 3 meals a day (you have to buy some stuff like full fat milk, yoghurt, berries and veggies) and some low carb snacks. The food is apparently a bit rich but gorgeous and so what do you reckon? Worth a try?

I don't think you need it Jim, you have your own fanclub lol!
Jeez, I know!

I'm quite a good cook now Craig. I taught myself pretty much whilst I was doing my own cooking for Atkins. I pretty much do all the cooking now, just add potato's or rice and pasta etc for my wife to eat.

I'd give go lower a try and see how you do mate.


Happy to be slim at last
This is a great forum and the low carbers are a great bunch, so you have found a good place for support.

I looked at Go Lower also and I have to say that the food looks pretty good.

My view is that you should do what suits you best and if having the meals all ready to go is what's best for you, then give it a go. I have read that if you contact them, they send you a free sample. I think I read that on the Go Lower thread.

If you then go it alone, there are some great recipes on the recipe thread (Atkins board) and also check out the "what we are eating" thread on the Atkins board. You will get some great tips from that.

From what I have found, you don't have to be a master chef to do low carbing. So long as you can knock up a handful of tasty meals, then have lots of variety with veggies.

Do you have a george foreman grill? Mine is invaluable. I grill lots of meats and use all different seasonings. Jim's curry recipe is also to die for and really easy to make.

I am still using VLCD products that are expensive, but worth it for me as I like it being fixed for the two meals. But then I also enjoy mixing things up for my low carb evening meal.

I am sure others will be along to share their opions too, but hope that helps.

And we will all be here to help you!

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