period of time to lose 6 stone.


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If you follow SS to the letter, it is very easy to lose a stone a month. Some people lose more - but a stone a month is very achievable.


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I did LL in 2003 and just got my book out to see how long it took me - 6st off took me 25 weeks - but I seemed to lose alot slower than my friend who lost the same amount in just 20 weeks. Obviously everybody is different - but if you try to think of an average of a stone a month you probaly won't be far off - good luck with your journey


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Just a thought Jenna - why don't you start a weight loss diary??? It helps to look back on and see what you've achieved. And even if no-one else reads it (which we will 'cos we're a nosey bunch!!!) you can put down your goals, achievements, thoughts etc.

Also measure yourself and take lots of before photos to compare.


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good idea. im actually starting tomorrow. tonight i have the 1st meeting - tomorrow i officially start.




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Good luck Jenna.... you will literally see yourself transform in your mirror - it's amazing.

The first few days are hard but hang on in there and it's plain sailing after that!


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I lost 6 stones in 20 weeks on Cambridge and that was doing 8 weeks of SS then the rest on 790



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Hi Jenna - I have 6st 9lbs to lose, and set myself a long-term target of June 2010. However fellow CD friends reckon Jan/Feb is acheivable. I started CD SS+ this week. Keep going through the first couple of days - yesterday was not too good with headache and feeling a bit shaky - today is a different story altogether, I feel great, no headache and already can tell and difference! Good luck - keep me posted. Tracey


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jenna113 said:
I know everybody is different, but on average how long does it take a person to lose 6 stone on LL?

Hi, I did lighter life in 2008, it took me 26 weeks to lose my six stone, I remember the first five coming off really quickly the lady stone took a little longer - good luck!


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I'm feeling inspired. Thanks guys x


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I'm a few pounds offa six stone loss in year and a half with Slimming World. I eat all the time, have learnt to cook and have an exciting spice rack! My relationship with food is still a little troubled as I can binge but I am happier and healthier. Good luck x x