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period pains....

thanks i just been to doctors and been put on a different drug, naproxen.. anyone tried it?


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Oh hun, sorry to hear your in pain. I can COMPLETELY symathise. Im on my 5th week running of a really heavy & painful * week (or * month) and im in SO much pain!!! The doctors have just given me a 3 month course of pills - i cant remember what they're called but i am suffering from the symptoms of headache, nausea, tiredness and an increased appetite, im not sure which was worse!!!!

Hope you feel better hun xxx
hugs babe, how do u cope, i have been on pills and potions and even had right fallopian tube removed.


going to do it!!!!
Big hugs. i can totally relate to you. I have awful periods and like you have had many pills etc. cerezette pop pill worked for me for a while they totally stopped my periods, BUT i got pregnant whilst on thej and had TWINS... quite a surprise!!! ive since tried them again since having twins (3yrs ago) and now they dont work at all. I had mirena coil fited last year on the advice of few friends and gp who said it would shorten my periods( they last for 14 days) it hasnt worked for me but it did for others why dont you try that hun?
hope you feeling better soon xx
i had coil fitted in jan and taken out 2 weeks later!!! mega infection and severe pain. doc worried i might get last tube infected. most upsetting thing is we want a baby, but dont seeem to be able to concieve. so every period is hell


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hugs babe, how do u cope, i have been on pills and potions and even had right fallopian tube removed.
Aww sorry to hear that hun!!

Weird thing is my constant periods became the norm for me. Bit horrible for my OH and my mood swings but didnt effect me too much as you just get use to it and breath through the stabbing pains.

Im finding it really hard to adjust to the pills though. After feeling so in control im hungry all the time!! Ive always suffered from headaches so that's not really changed but im not sure if i can handle the nausea!!!

Im really tired today but the doctor warned me about that, its probably because ive lost all that extra blood so i have to keep my iron up!!!

Ive always been to scared to have the coil fitted!!!

Men dont know how lucky they've got it do they!! lol

my bf really good and knows he is on tea and hug duty when its lady week


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I wish i could get mine to agree to that - id never have to cook again!!! haha

On a serious note tho my OH is lovely, he's been really supportive and a bit scared about it all. Im very lucky :D
Must be horrible :(

I used to suffer with really terrible cramps till after i had my first child and they have only been mild since but i remember how bad they were, feel better soon xx
argh hope you will be OK. I was going to moan about mine but nothing compared to what some of you go through. I will just get on with it today as my pain only lasts the first day
My periods were a total nightmare. Turns out I had large fibroids. Lots of different treatments were tried but none worked. Last October at the age of 42 I had a hysterectomy. Lawd I'm so glad I did! The flooding, pain and aneamia were just awful. My aneamia was so bad I had to have a blood transfusion. I literally couldn't leave the house when I had my period - the flooding was just too bad. Gawd i'm so glad to be free of it all now!
they wont let me have all my bits out untill i had a baby, thing is we been trying 6 months so dont know if i can have baby, had loop diathermy and right fallopian tube removed. so only god knows if i am intended to be a mummy


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its crap being a woman sometimes isnt it !!!
Naproxen is good stuff. The new over the counter Feminax is naproxen at 250mg but when in Turkey on holiday i had horendous toothache ( needed a root canal when i got home) but the Turkish pharmacies had a excellent range of over the counter remedies. Naproxen was what they recomended, but at 500mg per pill and you could have 2, tooth ache no more :) got me through my holiday. ( we brought a few boxes back with us for use in emergencies)
Hope you feel better.

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