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Period question for the female exante users

Anyone find it's sent their cycles haywire? I've started bleeding again today despite having one last week, complete with days of spotting prior. It was earlier than normal, coincided with starting exante and now this. I am normally no more than every 5 weeks and I don't tend to spot. Nothing else has changed in my life, though I do have a coil (copper), it was fitted 13mths ago and has not caused any issues before now. Thinking of going to get this checked if it's not a common side effect.
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Ah I see it now, right down at the bottom of the faq's, thanks. Not a fun side effect, grr.


really trying again!
Has your weight changed at all since your coil has fitted (up or down) as this can affect it too honey. Poor you- can't be nice. Take care xx
Hi ladies I havnt had a period at all , i should have been on wk b4 starting the diet but Ive had nothing I'm nearly 4 wks late now , ( hubbys had snip so no chance I'm pregnant ) !! Is this normal ??
Erm the snip is not 100% fail proof! I would do a Preg test just to check ;) ya never know! ;) if that was to come back neg and you are 4 weeks late, I would pop along to the Dr's for a check up. It most likely is a side effect of your diet changing / being drastic but it's always better to be safe then sorry.
Lol it's bin 4yrs since he had it no probs so far , omg lol he wud kill me if he went tru all that n I was !! , no only joking I know I'm not it's just the change of things I guess .
I have the mirena coil, my periods are so all over the place and I hate it. Been coming on like all the time it's annoying. Was on last week and it was brown blood ?. Have been having period pains since yesterday and anytime today I should be on. GP thought it was fibroids and been to 2 scans and they're intact, coil still there as well. Was also checked for cervical erosion as it can cause loads of bleeding but no thus fine. GP has asked me to keep a diary for 2 months recording my period pattern.

Good luck hun I know how you feel just make sure to AAM if you haven't already. ?
AAM is Add A Meal hun x

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