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Periods whilst on Lighter Life

Back from another weigh in - another 4lbs this week which has tipped me over 2 stone gone :D I have a question about periods whilst on LL (sorry to all you male LL'ers!!). ;)

I have PCOS and don't have a regular cycle normally, I have been known to go months, even years without a period. Since starting LL I have a had 2 within 2 weeks - one on week 5 and one on week 7- both pretty nasty!! I know that by losing 10% of your body weight - (which I achieved last week) that it can kick start your body into behaving itself. Just wondered if anyone had had a similar experience?
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Mine were all over the place at the start too. Must admit to being pretty lucky and being regular - every 4 weeks without fail - beforehand. I did go through a stage of missing and then them coming early.

When I restarted in January of this year the same happened again and I had a period that lasted 4 weeks non stop. :mad:

However they did calm down and become very regular and quite light even. I think your body is saying WTF when you first start so it's not a surprise, but hopefully things should settle down for you soon.


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Well done on your 4lbs off.
My periods have been early since I started the diet, this time its actually on time but heavier.....!
Im sure once your body gets used to the changes it will sort itself out.
Mine have been more painful than I can put into words. For some reason I expected them to be much lighter - no idea why! - they're not. Full 7 days and lots of cramp. Not good.
Although the upside is that it doesn't appear to interfere with my weight loss at all. Every cloud...


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know what you mean i have been an emotional wreck for the past 2 weeks and seen nothing!!!
almost praying for it to happen coz the weight loss is slow too (i am definitely not pregnant)
getting all the symptoms but no show so was really glad when this came up
put my mind at rest
thanks guys


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Hmm, this is really interesting. I had not had a period since giving birth last October (was on mini pill and breastfeeding). Two weeks into the diet I had a very light period, and now two weeks on have another! I had put it down to the fact that I had finished breastfeeding, but maybe the diet is also a factor?
Spoke to the LLC and she advised that it was very common and that it would settle down as the body gets used to having less of you to lug around!!
I've got PCOS too and go months/years without (last natural one was Nov'05!!) I've lost weight before but its never kick started them in the way I'd hoped. Low carb diets are supposed to help PCOS too and I suppose this one is low carb as well as low calorie. Sounds like your cycle is trying to get going properly. Mine are always nasty if I've gone a while without and have been known to last a whole month when they do arrive!! I've just had one but only by taking Progesterone tablets and it was ok, only 5 days. All this weight loss should be beneficial shouldn't it, I know my skin has cleared up a bit but maybe thats the water!! Hope yours settle down to monthly very soon.
I Have also started to have periods. whereas before I almost didn't most of the time. I Have had a coil fitted with the medication in it for the past year and a half, and got used to no real period to speak of.

However like you they have started again now I have lost weight. My LLC has joked about her having a few LL babies, so be careful she said!

Like some people have said, perhaps it's just move evidence that we are getting healthier


has started again!!
Well mine havent really changed that much. They are still bang on time, last for about 4 days and hurt a bit. Still hate having them tho, but a little while to go before they're all over!!!
I don't have periods as I'm on depo - but a few years ago, when I had a coil, I was on Atkins and had the most horrendous heavy long periods lasting up to 2 weeks! I had to get some of those tablets they give haemophiliacs. The GP said it was because the female hormone is stored in your fat cells and I was losing weight so fast, the cells were dumping out a lot of fat as well as hormones .... weird. Cant say I am enamoured of depo though - can I blame that for all the weight I've put on?
And low and behold, spoke too soon, had my period 2 weeks ago and now here comes another one, so thats me on week 7 and then again week 9:cry: I am not amused as I am off to Spain on Saturday but then again its a novelty as I don't have them that often!!!!!

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