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Have you not tested yet?!?! I'd be poas every morning at this stage!!

Everyone seems to go through different reactions. Summergurl bled the whole time, others never bled at all, some (like me) it made no difference. Not much help I know, sorry!

Go test!!!!
Hiya Jenny, mine have stayed the same, get them nearly same date every month, always have and the same when i ws on LT the last time for the 12 week..
irishmum, pregnancy test wont show up till im around 7 weeks pg. its so frustrating! only way to know for sure is a scan as blood tests are the same, think im in the 0.001% of women that have this problem.
not sure what to do! i dont feel pregnant so thinking probably not but just so confused.
x x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yup - on my first stint of LT i did 21 weeks and bled from about week 2 right untill the end of my refeed week (Week 22)

This time i have had one period in the 4 weeks which was very heavy and lasted 10 days .... i think LT really does mess with it :sigh:
god bleeding for that long mustve been awful hun.

until i get proof otherwise im going with LT messes them about.

x x
also hubby is 100% convinced we're pregnant. im usually really regular so he's all excited. wont let me lift anything heavy and keeps telling me to rest. he's just not listening to me when i tell him i dont think im pregnant. he keeps asking how i feel and wanting to kiss my belly. break his heart when i come on.
guess only time will tell.
x x


Otherwise known as Jools
Mine are affected by my weight and before starting the diet had maybe one a year !! have not had one yet whilst on LT but am waiting with baited breath for it come and probably with a vengeance anytime now :(


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
It wasnt that bad after a few weeks - it wasnt very heavy and i just looked at is as its a very small price to pay to get thin :)


One last chance
Mine were affected greatly. Right now I'm too early. Last year, the first time on LT, I didn't have my period for 6 months, after LT, they didn't return for 2 months more.

They'll come back when you eat again.
i was having the same problem currrently twelve days late. Two negative tests, so i am pretty sure i am not pregnant. Its been good to see i am not the only one. Usually i am regular so it freaked me out a little when i didn't come on but i am sticking to the LT messing with my cycle and the weight loss will help to concieve so fingers crossed things settle when i get to goal.
I wudnt worry yet ive been told by a good amount of people that their period was effected. one girl only did this diet for 3 weeks and her's stopped for a while. I wud never do this diet without the pill coz id just be to terrified every month. dont panic yet.

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