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Personal Climate Control

Mims - I'd be grateful if anyone can give any tips/hints on how I can try to manage my recent climate control issues :wave_cry:

Chemotherapy has pushed me over the edge into early menopause & although not too bad, I'm having some hot flushes in the evening.

Not sure if I can use St John's Wort as I'm starting Herceptin, but will ask my chemo nurses at next week's appointment.
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Hi Jackie - thanks.

I have heard of the chillow pillow but so far I'm not blighted during the night - it just seems to be late evening before I go to bed.

I don't know if I read or dreamt about some new research where 'suffers' were asked to use a cold compress or ice pack on the back of the neck when one strikes. Over a certain period, I think I remember it saying that the body's thermostat is re-educated in some way.

Obviously this would be no good for night time events but I might get a gel-pack ready to try out on my evening thermals!
Hi there

When my sis had chemo and got really hot -her feet were the worst bit -we got her some of those gel insoles for her shoes and she plonked em in the freezer to slip in he slippers in an evening . She reckoned that once her feet had cooled down she was much better.
How about filling a hot water bottle with iced water?
Hope you get it sorted....
There are various herbal remedies, and your local health food store would be able to suggest something. I seem to remember using something based on sage, and it worked to a certain extent.

But obviously you would have to confirm with your doctor/nurse that this was OK.

Eventually I did ask my doctor about it and despite the other medication I was taking, and despite my absolute refusal to consider HRT, he did find something suitable to prescribe (can't remember the name, it was so long ago) so it is worth asking.

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