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Yeah i saw this too, apparently anti wrinkle creams have human fat in them, but they usually get it from living peopls-finally found out how to get the body i want-become a fat doner!!
See i love that story Jim, i'd be happy to know that all the fat being sucked out of people was being recycled and helping to save the planet!!
Imagine the mess it would make of your car though :S

EDIT - Ok, I thought about that, he probably refined it or processed it first... I had images of heaps of lard being smushed into the petrol tank..... Eurgh!
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Anyone able to get hold of them - there's no need to kill anyone, I'd happily donate mine..ermm as long as I'm still alive after the process :p
this is sick im never ever bein anti wrinkle cream or makeup or anything yukkk,, well maybe ill buy makeup lol...

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