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Pesky weekends!

Why do weekends have to be so hard! It didn't help that I had to do a Tesco shop with the family and was surrounded by temptation. I was well organised tho and took a bar with me so when they had something to eat in the cafe, I had black coffee and my bar!

Although I feel much better 2 weeks into the diet, it still feels like I've got such a long way to go - and still so many clothes that dont fit me! I really want to be slim for Christmas and feel good about myself, I know its just a case of getting on with it but it aint always easy :(

BUT I have stuck to it and will do throughout the wkend AND some of my clothes do fit me again and its these things I need to remember to keep me going.

So anyone else out there who is struggling this weekend, keep going - we all know it will be worth it :)
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I am really finding this weekend tough mainly I think this is due to the copious amounts of food around.

Also I have just returned from a kids party full of chicken nuggets, chips, cake etc and I really felt hungry and deprived :(

I am not giving in and will continue, I think early night after a nice warm bath :)
Well to give you a small insight to my weekend I read the title of your post as pastry weekend and the other posters nice warm bath as nice wine bath...,,.,

I'll get my coat haha xxx


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I have a long way to go too and I find the only way I can deal with it is on a day to day basis. I can't think about how many months it will be before I get to goal. I am taking it day by day and when I go to bed each night i feel proud of myself for having stuck to my diet packs.
My first weekend was awful, but they got easier as I stick with it, hav even been away for 2 weekends visiting friends and family and am sticking to plan, just keep going, u know it's worth it xxx


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Hate weekends. I'm hoping I get called in off standby to relieve boredom. OH is drink beer had a burger and banoffe pie. Now sitting with a bag of haribo. Wish I wasn't here :-(


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This is also my first weekend and I'm finding it really hard :( I also had to go to Tesco for my weekly shop of chicken, green beans and water lol!!!

Keep at it lovely peeps x
I find it incredible how intensive some peoples other halves are....

Good luck everyone, half of the weekend nearly gone, xxx


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I find it incredible how intensive some peoples other halves are....

Good luck everyone, half of the weekend nearly gone, xxx
Then you would be staggered at mine feeney foo: I have cooked practically every goddam meal for the past 4 weeks, sat in Maccy D's whilst he chomped through a big mac.....he can't stop himself telling me how starving he is and describes what he might eat next and last night I gave him my worst "angry eyed look" when he entered the bedroom thinking he was going to chow down a packet of crisps in bed. AND he thinks he is supportive!!!!
Today after walking into town together he had a fried brekkie whilst I sat next to him with a black coffee.
It makes me pig sick as he is as thin as a rake and has no idea what it is like for someone to just look st food and pile on the pounds.
To be honest I am more angry with him as his diet is appalling and he has suffered two major illnesses, heart and a stroke, suffers from high colestorel which is controlled by Meds and as his count is now classed as normal thinks eating his way is acceptable. I have tried to explain that it is selfish as when he has these illnesses we all suffer, me and the kids and surely now we know there is a problem he should do his upmost to take the best care of himself.

Sorry, rant over. Think I am missing wine !!!!

Dolly xx
Awww dolly, I don't mind cooking hubys dinners as I always hav, and once sat in mcDonalds when we were out with friends...

But has has no snacks and no take aways while I've been on CD.

He's losing weight to and we are saving £ so it's all good.

Think it's awful when people eat pizzas. Take aways and sweets, doughnuts etc.... In front of their loved ones, ur doing an amazing thing by changing ur life, they should b so very proud of you!

Stick with it, NOTHING tastes ad good as being thin feels as I hope to find out!

Well done everyone



I lurve lurve lurve bars
I absolutely hate weekends,my OH eats and drinks ,drags me round tescos and keeps showing me stuff then gets the hump if i tell him to go round on his own while i look at the cds and films.He is really badly peeing me off he bakes loaves of bread and i cook all the flippin dinners x
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My OH is the same, always drinking lots and eating take aways. Its so hard. Atm I just dont go out because I dont feel like Im strong enough to avoid temptation, but it makes me very bored and lonely. I dont like being a hermit but I dont like being fat more :(


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Weekends are HARD, however, think about how much better you will feel in the long run for not stuffing a Maccy D's down you or having the very tasty looking cake from the bakery at Sainsburys!

When I'm having a weak moment (and this is every weekend by the way) my OH reminds me how well I have done so far and by sticking to it, how much faster I will get to goal.

Having said that, he thought nothing of bringing 6 ... yes 6 Sausage and Egg McMuffins home at 6:30 yesterday morning when he finally got in from his night out! I was seething! lol :)
at least we all made it through the wkend, how ever hard it may have been - well done everyone :)

Now we need to look towards getting through the next one. My WI is Weds so I hope I am rewarded for my will-power over the wkend!

I'm starting wk 3 and finding it hard, feeling hungry and having to cook for the family doesn't help, especially when the smells linger around the kitchen/house - arrrgh!


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S: 13st2lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st10lb(5.43%)
andju said:
theres only so many baths you can have lol!!!
It's true! I feel like a prune by the end of the weekend! :)

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