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Petite people who are on slimming world to stay healthy

I'm 4'11, I currently weigh 8 stone 3 pounds, and my BMI is 23.2. I know I'm not overweight, but I have had a long history of eating disorders and I've found that unless I stick to a diet plan, my brain goes crazy and I'm right back in a horrible frame of mind which is pretty self destructive. So, I started slimming world last year as a move to turn my life around and learn that I can actually eat and stay slim, instead of starving myself or being sick. Since I started slimming world I've transformed and pretty much kicked my bad habits out of the window. Whenever I tell people I'm on a diet, as you can imagine, all hell breaks loose and people start shouting at me etc, but as you all know, slimming world is a lifestyle change not just a diet. I'm currently sitting here with a whole cooked chicken in front of me, and it feels brilliant!

The weight my body feels most comfortable at is 7 stone 7, so I'm trying to lose a maximum of 10 pounds this time, half to one pound a week, and not going too mad on syn-watching.

Are there any other people on here who are in a similar boat?

Edit: Think I may have put this in the wrong section accidentally - sorry!!!
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I'm not petite, and i've got weight to loose, but I can certainly relate. I also have a history of eating disorders and have put on 5 stone since recovering over the past two and a half years, so now I need to loose the weight. I wish I had discovered slimming world before and felt safe to eat and loose weight and keep slim... I think it is a good idea, as long as you don't keep trying to push yourself further or deny yourself the syns etc. Good luck x
I know exactly what you mean. Im only 5ft tall and started SW this week. Im the heaviest ive ever been at 8st 13.5 but whenever i tell people im on a diet they're like oh why are you on a diet?

My BMI is 24.6 which is the upper end of the healthy BMI and I want to lose around a stone to be in the healthier range. I dont feel comfortable in my clothes at the moment & my size 10's are far too tight and slowly becoming my 12's. I feel bloated & sluggish & generally unhealthy.

I love food too much & have tried other diets but gave up as I felt too hungry. Ive been doing SW for 2 days now and im finding it hard to eat my a choices and my syns because ive been filling up on free foods. I havent felt hungry at all.

I feel at the moment that its more than i diet but healthy eating like you should be. Off out for a curry tomorrow night but ive planned what im eating so I dont go mental & eat all my syns for the week in one sitting. I would normally have 2 courses along with chips, naan's and rice. Im starting to make sensible choices.

Its nice to see somebody else who is the same. Good luck
Cymraes_x said:
I'm really enjoying it!

Do u lose much? I'm not sure how many syns to have as I'm thinking 15 is too much?x
I love slimming world! I cook as normal..just the sw version of meals.

I lose..just very slowly which im happy with as im not big anyway. Just cooking meals the sw way weight stays off. I probably have between 5-20 syns a day. Somedays i will hsve hardly any but somedats i will treat myself...it works for me...if i feel like i need to lose a bit more thsts when i stick to my syns etc. So im on sw but if i maintain thats great as if i wasnt on it i woukd end up gaining each week ( i dont go to meetings)
Im the same..a stone off would be good but i need to stick to it 100% and excercise. Want to start it together seeing as we are both in the same boat and similar weight?
Yeah ok! Although today ive been out for a valentines meal and far too many cocktails but tomorrow..i know i have lots of bacon for this weekend! ( fat cut off of course! When i say milk its always skimmed, always use frylite etc..lets try this!
So far today ive had for breakfast bacon, and two boiled eggs.
Lunch - 3chickpea dahl loaf mini muffins and a mullerlight yog.

Not much free or superfree but planning on snacking on fruit and alpen bar. Maybe use some syns on choc phikedelphia..yum! I struggle to completely underdtsnd the hxa and b though. My hxa is always milk in my coffee and b my alpen bar?

And for tea i have a marrow and turkey mince which i will aim to find a recipe for but probably stuffed marrow seems the easiest lol.
Oooo wish i liked more fish!

Breakfast- same as yesterday. Bacon and boiled eggs. Ketchup ( 1syn?)

Half a grapefruit
Lunch- leftover mince from yesterday with new potatoes
Tea- chicken curry. Sw friendly with tinned toms. And rice.

Snacks- banana, mullerlight. Options hot choc ( 2syns?)

I have been using my partners new weight bench too. Using light weights for 20min a day. See if i can tone up. Shall we set a weigh in day? Friday has always worked for me as i like to have some treats at the weekend in the form of wine to keep me sane!
Hope you enjoyed your sunday dinner!

Todays breakfast- magic pancakes,banana, honey and a quarter of grapefruit.

Unsure on lunch and tea yet. I have just been to aldi and got two pineapples, two mangoes and kiwi so will be eating lots of fruit this week! Love aldi super 6!
Lunch- omelette and beans

Tea- pasta bake with veg

Snacks- so much fruit today!
I dont think ive had any syns except for honey this morning..will have an options later.

Also been on two 30min dog walks as im off this week so have the time!
Cant get full today although dont think ive eaten enough.


Lunch- bowl of leftover pasta

Snacks ( all afternoon) two boiled eggs, pineapple, orange and prawn cocktail walkers, 2slices wafer thin ham) still hungry! Think its because im going to the gym at 6 so know i wont eat till i get home and il be starving. For tea im having mushroom onion omelette with beans and an options after :)

Had an hours dog walk too but shes in season now so they will have to stop for a week or 2:(
I bought some green tea..but i think it tastes a bit fishy? Lol nit a big fan but i try swap a coffee for a tea as i drink too much coffee!

I have had a terrible two days! Out yesterday for lunch and it wasnt sw friendly. Loads of wine and cocktails. Crisps and today its been more or less the same..minus the wine!

Need to get back on it as from now! I will weigh in tom as my first weigh in then hope for a loss by next fri!
Agree about weekends...social events totally throw me off! These months coming up to my wedding im going to be a right hermit! Lol

Maybe i have 'off' green tea lol. Its asda brand de caffinated..weird!

Ive been mainly on plan this weekend. Sw pasta,veg sticks sticky chickn last night but today is..

Breakfast- pancakes with banana and honey

Lunch- carrot soup with a wholemeal roll (hexb)

Tea- sweet potato curry

Start a new job tom so batch made pasta and chilli for pack ups. Made boiled eggs etc to snack on. Hopefully it continues lol. Determined!
How you getting on this week? Ive been really good. Took breakfast lunch and snacks to work monday and tuesday which helped alot. Day off today so had muller and fruit for breaky. chicken noodles with veg for lunch and prawn salad with potatoes for tea...yummy!
Im hoping for a loss friday altough not done much exercise except for a few weights twenty mins a day.
Yeah syn free. It was basically a sweet omelette. Whisk egg whites and sweetner just till a little fluffy and add the yolk. Frylite in pan. I need to add honey as i find they can be quite eggy. The magic pancakes are ok too using the magic porridge ( oats and yog) overnight and the next morning add egg sweetner and frylite them in a pan.
You weighing in tom morning? Hopefully i will remember too lol. Although last fri i weighed about 2 after lunch but need to get into the habit to do it first thing
Im 8 10 today. So lost 1.5lb. Yey! Think if i want any more i need to start doing cardio.

Its my partners birthday tom so im expecting lots of wine to be drank. And im doing food. Im making a sw friendly pasta and doing pizza etc and cake so think this weekend il put it back on :/
How are you getting on? My weelend was terrible! So much cake so much wine! Ive eaten well this week but been having two bottles of ale every night so that will affect my losses. If they are there i will drink them! Dont think i will lose this week at all :/ starting jogging next week and im still doing half hour of weights most days

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