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Pharmacist... Rage!

I've just started lipotrim, i went to see my pharmacist after work on wednesday... to go through the medical questions, and get my supply of shakes. When he asked which flavours i'd like, i said, "a combination of all of them... but i DO NOT want chicken soup", as i'd read on these boards so many times it tasted more like chicken poop. So, thats 7 vanilla, 7 strawberry and 7 choc to do me until WI next week.

I started into it all properly yesterday but I never thought to check all the flavours in the bag, its only this morning that i discovered that he's given me 10 chicken soups!! I made one to see whats its like... and its vile. You's weren't lying.

Do you reckon he'll swap them, or will i just have to keep them? When i was sitting in their room for weighing in etc, there was a notice on the wall that "no refunds will be given for lipotrim products". He seemed nice, if not a bit clueless at times. I'm trying to work out if he genuinely made a mistake, or if he's diddled me a bit, and tryed to get rid of his least popular flavour.

Good news is that i'm on my 2nd day, and so far so good. No headaches etc so far, and haven't felt too hungry either. Hope everyone's well.
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Hi and welcome, changing them will not be a problem.
You have just touched on my no.1 pet hate, which is total incompetence, the amount of times I go to buy things either on line or locally and you get home and its wrong Aaaaaaaargghhhh!!!!
All he had to remember in your case is 3 things, 3, 1 2 3, thats it! go back and knock him clean out infact I want to, give me the address aaarrrggghhhh!

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I know that my pharmacist will swap sachets over and a lot of other pharmacists do too. There is no reason why he shouldn't change them as a) you're not asking for a refund and b) you said no chicken soup and he gave you 10 - it's his fault for not listening. Phone them up and explain what has happened and see what he says. Easier than making your trip down there only to find out that he's a miserable sod and won't change 'em. Let us know how you get on chica x


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I would go down in person.... i always think its easier to fob someone off over the phone!
My chemist used to exchange and like you said you didn't ask for chicken poop!! In fact you made a point of saying NO CHICKEN POOP!!!
If he gives you grief, stand your ground threaten them with contacting LT!!
I had a situ, were the pharmasit who used to serve me was off, i had none left and they tried to refuse to serve me...I literally stood in the chemist, demanding they gave me food, before i would leave..i didnt want to be weighed...just wanted my packs... i embarrased them into doing it!
What gets me is there excuse was that they weren't trained!!! How do you need training to give out 21 packs?!?!?
Go kick ass girl!!!!!!
When i started i asked for a combination of all the flavours he sed if i didn't like any i could swap they cant make you have them can they?
Anyway whats wrong with the chicken soup i love it now i'v learnt not to add as much water!!!


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You are within your rights to demand an exchange. He refuses, you ask for the boss. Boss refuses, you let them know you will contact LT HQ. They refuse, we all stage a mass protest (to no_ 10??) and get 15 mins of fame on the BBC!!! Sorry, getting carried way here........
On a serious note, exchanging should not be a problem at all.


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Sound like an incompetent prick, go down there and ask nicely, if that does not work begin telling his customers how you have been robbed/treated. That should motivate when people stop buying things due to solidarity/embarrasment cos your causing a scene x


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Maybe I'm weird, but I actually like the soup!

I'm a savoury kind of gal so I found myself craving something that wasn't so sweet! Maybe it would be worth keeping hold of one of them just in case xx
But your chemist should change them since you didn't even ask for them! What an idiot!
He should change them for you. LAst week I was given male lipotrims by mistake (are they trying to say something?) But my co-ordinater in the pharmacy couldnt apologise enough and swapped them straight away.
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I admitted to my pharmacist that I'd swapped my soups for shakes with a friend and she said I didn't need to do that coz she would have exchanged them.

Remind him you asked for a mixture of shakes, no soup, and he's given you soup so could he change them for you. I'm sure he will. Good luck.


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