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  1. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Hiya just wondered are we allowed Philadelphia light on this diet and also passata? Thanks
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  3. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    As far as I'm aware (I'm a newbie, sorry!) passata is allowed on cruise PV days. Cheese that's less than 7% fat may be used as a tolerated item (30g portion) from cruise onwards.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong Dukanettes!
  4. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Thanks love it's all so confusing what day are you on? X
  5. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Today's day 12 for me! Feeling great so far! I lost 11lbs during attack, but haven't weighed myself since. Weigh in is tomorrow morning, but a bit nervous as I don't really feel any difference this week.

    How are you finding it so far?
  6. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Wow 11 pounds that's fab well done:) I would be well chuffed with that, how long did u do the attack stage for? I am on day 4 and think I'm going to do the attack for 10days as have a lot to lose:-( I'm finding it ok but I don't eat steak or fish so I'm very limited o and lamb good luck for your weigh in tomorrow keep usin the loom :)
  7. MiniBean

    MiniBean Full Member

    Thanks. I did 6 days of attack, as was advised by the calculator on the Dukan website. Have you tried it out? Just 10 days seems really long!
  8. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

  9. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    and, for the Philly, it's the EXTRA lite that's ok (30g per day, counts as one tolerated ingredient)... it's a tiny quantity :)

    I hear that Rosemary Conley does a decent 5% I think it is hard cheese but you have to order it online
  10. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Thanks guys x
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