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Photo of a CD "Muffin" anyone?

Hi all,

I plan to have another go at making muffins with shake packs etc., based on the great recipes posted by IceMoose and friends.

I was wondering if anyone would be so very kind as to take a photo of a completed muffin next time they make one and then post it on here? It's not that I have a bizarre fetish where I get off on collecting pictures of very low calorie cakes, it's because I would like to see what it is supposed to look like when it's finished!

I've attempted to make muffins on 3 occasions - each time I am not getting it quite right (something to do with water quantity maybe) and every one has come out looking like a pathetic little cat poo and raw inside.

I assume this isn't what they are meant to be like???!!

I know this is a cheeky request, but i would be very grateful indeed.

Thank you,


PS: I also made the crisps with an oriental chilli soup pack...again, not my finest hour in the kitchen. They glued my teeth together! (Hey...that could be a new way of losing weight...hmmmm, a gap in the market me-thinks).
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Your not the only 1 that cant make them. Cant wait to see the pics :)
top idea hunni x x x
Me too! I only tried to make a muffin once and it was a flop - literally. Had to dispose of the ramakin I made it in because it was NOT coming out :)
I make two or three a week - but muffin might not be the best description - I is usually spongy - but I prefer mine a little bit uncooked in the middle - it is sweeter that way - Your mix needs to be cake mixtureish - a very thick paste - almost too thick - try putting pack in a ramekin or mug and turning the tap to a dribble - and mix until it is all moist - but mine are still hit and miss - sometimes more like lumpy custard than the sponge!! good lucjk - can't wait for someone's picks though!!!
i had an amazing one for my last meal today. i will try to do step by step photos if noone else can altho i always have a problem posting them on here and can never figure it out

i say the tips are

should be like a sticky brownie mix and be difficult to get off the spoon

the dish you microwave it in will ideally be a ceramic ramekin dish

microwave for 30 secs initially, then 20 secs, another 20 secs and then test in middle. then if still a bit goey and you dont like it that way, another 20 secs and so on

my cdc cant make them and i was thinking i could show her how to make them next time i see her. but then i never really have time to see her

amazing with half a tetra ice cream by the way. i have my muffin a bit goey so it is like brownies and ice cream

MMMMmmmm that sounds just yummy. Shame its 11.15pm and ive had my 3 shakes, something to look 4ward to 2m. :)

Night all x x
I only tried once and it just wasn't right, so I'm too tight to try it again in case I waste a pack!!! ha ha ..... so I'd be grateful for someone posting piccies that'd really help me. x
I have tried to make these a couple of times but they came out more like a stoggy cookies and wernt nice at all.
mine was like crusty cat poo and is not an experiment i plan on trying again. i do love the crisps though. and frozen choc tetra ice cream when i go to the cinema :)

abz xx
i usually leave it in there while i'm at work and then before we go i score around the top of the box about a cm down from the top so it is effectively cut off but i leave it in place (it takes some effort with a kitchen knife though) and then stick it in a food bag and go to the cinema. it's usually just right to take the 'lid' off when i get there and settled in my seat. just don't forget to take a teaspoon!! ha. word of warning though. it is rock solid when you first take it out of the freezer so if you want it at home i would make sure you take it out a bit before you want to eat it, ha.

abz xx

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