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Photo on fridge.

Everybody has probably heard of the idea of putting a photo of yourself on the fridge door to stop you going in it for food.

Sometimes it's a photo of you looking at your worst or biggest and sometimes it's putting the best photo of yourself up to show what you can look like if you stick at it.

I'm with the second one, a good photo to give encouragement. What does everybody else think?

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Too big to fail
or a photo of a body you admire....
except apparently Andre Agassi recently revealed in his autobiography that ex-wife Brooke Sheils had a picture of her most-admired body on their fridge....it was none other than Steffi Graf!! (who would go on to be wife number 2)


I actually have a cartoon stuck on my fridge. It is a thin guy and a fat guy standing and the then guy is saying..."Sorry I am useless with names, do you mind if I just call you Fat B*****d?"

Motivation enough for me! :D
I prefer one of me looking my best - fat photos make me think whats the point in trying, it seems like where I want to be is so far away I'll never get there. Fat pic's get hidden!
I think it would be good to have both up - to see you at your worst so you can think 'i wont look like that again' and a good one to show you that you CAN do it!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I don't really have a photo of me at my best. I've been overweight since I was 6 and sure, there have been slimmer times but nothing like I want to achieve. Plus, my flatmates would find it odd. I do look at my before photos to motivate myself and I jog in front of a mirror. Somehow that's helpful to me. Makes me work out harder cos I can see what I want to get rid of!
I think definitely a photo of me at my best or 'better'!

Fat pics bring up way to many emotions, and I'd feel embarassed that my bf would be looking at it to.

(Plus I've destroyed most fat pics!)
If I'm honest I don't actually have the pic on my fridge - but do regularly look through my pics - on the computer. The bf thinks it's odd that I like having pictures in general so if i put one on the fridge he would think I've lost it.
Peachy, jogging in front of a mirror is pretty much my worst nightmare!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Sugar fiend, I don't know why. You would think it's an odd concept but it really motivates me to work all the fat off me. Anyone else do that? Maybe I'm just odd :D
Peachy - I think I prefer to stay in denial about the extent of my jigglyness!
I can see why it motivates you though! I think it would be motivating... if I could do with without having a nervous breakdown about it!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Sugar fiend, yeah it takes guts, it'll admit that much. It's worth giving it a shot I guess?

Well done on your -3(.5) this week by the way :)
Thanks Peachy :D well done on your 2lbs too! You had no reason to worry!
And you're right - it would take guts! You always sound so confident in yourself!

DisneyPrincess - unfortunately if its a digital pic they get deleted instantly in my case, and if an actual photo they get shredded into billions of teeny pieces!
Peachy, I think you're very brave jogging in front of a mirror. Like Sugar fiend says, I have so many jiggly bits it would be a nightmare.

I do prefer to have a nice photo of me to show what I should look like.

After reading some of these I thought I might just try the bad photo but I don't possess one at my worst or anywhere near it. No doubt some 'kind' relative will dig one out in the future - in a room full of people.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
No problem Sugar fiend, and thanks :) I just think I need to be confident otherwise I'll get discouraged and if I don't believe in myself and in what I'm doing, who will?

Tracey, I'm not too jiggly for my weight interestingly enough so maybe that's why I can manage it. Whatever you weight is, stuff moves around anyway doesn't it? To each their own I guess.

Also, about the "fat" photos at other people's places... really dreading that. Planning on getting rid of mine but there's tons of photos of me at my mum's and gran's and yeah.. there's no way I can get them to take them down. What a nightmare! Maybe I'll give them a new one at target and get them to stick it next to it so it doesn't look as bad :D

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