1. tina_b

    tina_b Well-Known Member

    hey guys ive been on LT for 6 weeks and i thought id upload some photos of my journey so far :)
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  3. yodayoda

    yodayoda Well-Known Member

  4. tina_b

    tina_b Well-Known Member

    before and now :)

    ill upload some more soon x

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  5. tina_b

    tina_b Well-Known Member

    few more

    roll on 6 weeks!:D:D

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  6. yodayoda

    yodayoda Well-Known Member

  7. sally43

    sally43 Well-Known Member

    well done, you look great!!
  8. daisey

    daisey Well-Known Member

    FANTASTIC!!!!! well done!!! xxx
  9. Elaine-Melanie

    Elaine-Melanie Well-Known Member

    Well done girl! Keep it up.
  10. bessie84

    bessie84 Well-Known Member

    wow - well done hun, you look gorgeous xx
  11. tweeza

    tweeza Well-Known Member

    you look great what a tiny waist you have now well done you lass x
  12. tigger22

    tigger22 Well-Known Member

    Well done , you look great
  13. MiniMoosh

    MiniMoosh Mooshing back

    Amazing photos! Well done
  14. claire30

    claire30 Banned

    OMG I needed this boost wow you have done amazing.

    What's your goal weight ??

    Well done
  15. Angellove

    Angellove Well-Known Member

    You look fantastic already, an inspiration!
  16. jolly J

    jolly J Well-Known Member

    You look amazing! Well done :)
  17. tina_b

    tina_b Well-Known Member

    Thank you, my goal weight is 9st7-10st :)

    thankyou all means alot :) x
  18. *Anna*

    *Anna* Member

    Wow! You look fantastic. Just what I need to see at the start of my journey, so thanks for sharing the photos. xxx
  19. bluecatlady

    bluecatlady Well-Known Member

    Is that really only six weeks?!? You look so much thinner and really well defined shape wise already, all I can say is wow!
  20. welshflower

    welshflower Well-Known Member

    Wow you look great :) I am on my 3rd day and have been really struggling this evening, especially after preparing food for the family. Your pics have really inspired me to beat these horrible hunger pains! Thank you for sharing your achievements and good luck.
  21. Iamreadyforthis

    Iamreadyforthis Well-Known Member

    Wow, fantastic. How far are you off your goal, you look fab x

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