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Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by janll, 25 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. janll

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    Hi, I'm on LighterLife and I've been on it for 3 months. I've lost 3 stone and have 3 more to go. I'm struggling now with boredom of the food and I want to swap to Atkins bars which I can buy in Boots to add some variety. The problem is, when I compare 100g Atkins bar to 100g LighterLife bar, the measures don't even seem close. For example, the Atkins Cappucino Nut Daybreak bar has 22g fat of which saturates are 6,2g. But the LighterLife bar has 106 fat of which saturates 19. It doesn't say grams and the 2 bars seem way off given Atkins has 433 cals and LL has 355 cals. It seems impossible to do a comparison given how LL are measuring nutrition. Has anyone else tried to do a compare and could advise me?

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    Be careful The daybreak bars are not full meal replacements. Lighterlife/Cambridge etc bars ARE. You will lose out on vital nutrients if you try to do a straight swap. VLCDs are designed to replace regular food so they have to contain the correct balance of protein, vitamins, minerals etc. You might be able to swap a different brand of meal replacement bar but not a snack-type one. Your health and strength are too important to risk. Well done on your losses so far. I can't wait to shift as much as you have.
  4. Kat1e

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    Agree - Atkins bars are not meal replacement bars they are treats for low carb dieters. And frankly they are rubbish at that too as well known stallers:eek:
    But they are great emergency food on Atkins as long as not abused!

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