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Pickle is pushing on....

Ok so, I used to have a diary on here and I haven't used it for a while. I have been doing Slimming World since Feb 4th 2010 and have lost 94lb so far. Now I find myself wavering as I get close to the 100lb mark and I really need to push myself to get past it. Just working things out in my head and not planning is not helping so here I go with a new diary again.

I need to succeed I want to have lost another stone by Christmas. I want to buy size 18 in the January sales, last year I was buying a size 28 and now I am a 20!

So here we go.....
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Hi Pickle just catching up on the diaries. Your pictures are fab. You can really see the difference, I think you'll easily be size 18 for January sales. I'm sure by planning your meals you will easily lose a stone for Xmas as you have done amazingly well so far.
hey hon how did you do today, i did not manage to stay to class - i lost a pound was well pleased, i am happy to help you stay on track just pm or facebook me any time you need me babes
I lost 1/2 a lb Ronnie. Was a bit gutted but had a huge chat with Lucy and I think I know what my problem is. I am 19st 0.5lb now and I haven't been less than 19stone since I was 15, I think I have built it up as such a momentus stage that my mindset has wobbled a bit and I can't seem to get over it.

I'm going to be really good this week and eat lots of free and superfree foods. I'm also experimenting a bit with new foods.

I didn't have breakfast (naughty i know)

Sushi 0.5syn with prawns and mussels.

Oriental noodles - noodles with tenderstem broccoli,baby sweetcorn, pak choi, courgette, carrot and king prawns. With chilli sauce (2syns), soy sauce, lime juice and a bit of crab meat.

Fruit Salad

Sweets 5 syns

Total syns: 7.5
Congratulations Pickle87 you have done so well! You look amazing! X
Second that, your weight loss through this year is outstanding, and the picture speaks for itself, your dress is lovely and really flatters your new shape. Best get saving for those January sales!
Thanks everyone.

Bit of a weird day today, my job interview got rearranged :( had a few tears over family/friend issues but I'm ok now.

2 x Tesco Fruit salads

Chicken Sandwich (Heb+2syns)

Pasta with spring onion, green and red pepper, chicken tikka, 2 tbsp tzatziki (1syns) 2 tbsp Philli light (4syns)

Pineapple chunks

Mini muller rice (5syns)

Total syns: 12 syns.

I'm quite happy with 12 syns, normally when I have bad days and get upset I reach for the food, or the ice cream. Not today though.
wow well done nur weight loss u have done so well keep up the good work :happy036:
was gonna message you to ask about the interview honey, sorry to hear it got rearranged. good food day for you tho - shame about mine lol
Fruit Salad

Chopped chicken fillet with garlic dip 4syns

2 bacon, scrambled egg, mushrooms and tomatoes, 4 small wm bread HEB x 2 HEA

Total syns: 4


Fresh Orange juice 5 syns

Roast Beef, boiled potatoes HEB, swede and carrot.

Roast beef, garlic dip 4 syns bread HEB

Cadbury light mousse 3.5syns

Total syns: 12.5 syns

Still struggling with HEA dont drink milk or eat cheese, but can only use philly on green day, do you think i could get away with counting it as a HEA on red and EE days ?
Monday I wasn't home from 10am till 11pm and had no access to shops so food for the day was two sandwiches HEB x 2, skittles 15 syns.

Fruit salad

Seafood sticks, mussels, prawns and salad

Noodles, onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, chicken, philadelphia 2 syns.

6 Cracker breads (HEB) Philadelphia 8 syns

Total syns: 10 syns.

Muller rice 5 syns

Jacket spud HEB tuna with philadelphia mashed in (can't eat mayo, yuk) 2 syns.

Steak, potatoes (heb), swede and carrot.

Breadcake 7 syns

Total: 14 syns.

I have weigh in soon, I'm dreading it, I really hope I have passed the plateaux period, and got under the 19 stone barrier x
Just realised how much seafood I have eaten this week lol! I never used to eat seafood either lol, oh well.
Back from weigh in and I lost 2.5lb :) I am under the 19 stone mark woooppp woooopp. It's like being 15 again lol, well that's how I weigh like a 15 year old version of me. :)

Hifi bar (HEB)

sushi (2 syns)
Fruit salad

Bacon wrapped chicken
Jacket potato
garlic mushrooms
roasted pepper and onions



Serial Foodie!
well done on breaking into the 18s :D your pictures are beautiful, how inspiring you are x
Ok this is just a quick update cos I start my new job today and need to get ready.

Went away for the weekend and had lots to drink on friday night and am still a bit bloated from it, didn't drink Saturday though and whilst I didn't eat the healthiest foods I did my best ITMS, hopefully im just bloated from the lager because I don't normally drink.

In other news on Friday I went out in jeans that were a size 18!!!!!! and a mate who i haven't seen in years walked past cos he didn't recognise me! Soon fixed that lol and had an amazing night :)
Well done on not being recognised - that happened to me when I went back to work after maternity leave, as I got so huge, then lost loads quick, so many people kept walking past me! It is a good feeling.

Good luck today with your new job.
I haven't posted for a little while.

I am now working albeit only till xmas and my shifts have meant that I haven't been able to attend my slimming world group despite me having a countdown paid for!!

I am trying my best to stick to it as much as possible but I will admit that I have waivered and had a few naughty moments this past few weeks, I am still being as good as possible though :)

Heres hoping for a skinny mini me in the new year, added a new pic to my signature too :) x

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