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Pickles Hypno Gastric Band Therapy

Good afternoon folks,
I thought I would share with you my experience of my hypno gastric band therapy.
For those of you who don't know it is a proceedure using hypnosis which makes you believe you have had a gastric band fitted.

Repeated attempts at diets have left me unsuccessful and a stone heavier.
I have approx 2 stones to lose so not a huge amount but enough for it to make a real difference.

In all I have 4 sessions with the hypnotist, with the 'gastric band' being 'fitted' on my fourth session.
So far I have had two sessions with a hypnotist and I will write more later this evening.
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S: 18st5lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 4st1lb(22.18%)
I will be interested to follow your story and see how this works for you, good luck losing the weight that you wish to lose xxx
Hi Jo, thanks for the welcome :)

So, my background is pretty common amongst other dieters i suppose. As previously posted i dont have a whole heap of weight to lose. A couple of stones would be nice. I sit at 12st 1lb at the moment and would ideally like to get to 10 st.
I have tried a succession of diets for the past year and lose motivation after a couple of weeks. In a nutshell i cant stand deprivation, i dont like cutting food groups and i become obsessive about counting. I HATE dieting and my body and mind rebel.

So feeling desperate about wanting to lose the weight which uncomfortably sits around my waist and holds on to my heavy thighs i took an alternitive route.
I had read about Hypno Gastric Band Therapy before but always dismissed it as some new way of exploiting vulnerable people unhappy with their weight. But i'd read some pretty good reviews on it and it seemed to suit my approach to weight loss so went ahead and got in touch with a certified Hypnotherapist.

The lady seemed pretty friendly and invited me to go along for a 30 minute consultation then followed by my first hypnotherapy session to release negative emotions involving food. If for any reason after the consultation either of us felt that the process wasn't suitable for me then i would not have to pay. That gave me peace of mind.
So i booked my consultation and 1st appointment.

The consultation was pretty standard stuff really. A little bit about my current background, my dieting history, eating habits. It's the first time i've ever spoken to somebody about the reason i overeat and as i was talking i realised that i love the comfort that certain food gives me. The delicious taste of chocolate or cake is always comforting when you've had a sh*t day. If only for a little while.

She then explained the procedure to me and what hypnotism is and would feel like.
Then it was time for the hypnotherapy session. It wasn't like i expected it to be (in my head i always thought you went into some deep, deep trance which your concious mind knew nothing about).
I was completely aware of my surroundings and my hypnotherapist talking to me. But i was relaxed and just ready to go with it, her voice was calming and reassuring and i found myself feeling comforted by her words. She used a lot of visualiztion techniques which i found very helpful and told me to let go of any past dieting failures, as they can not have any influence over me now.
She asked me to visualize certain parts of my life when trying to lose weight had caused me distress and to freeze frame that image, to walk into it and to just observe the situation but make no judgements. That was pretty powerful stuff, i can tell you. She asked me to visualize locking the door to all those negative emotions surrounding food and to walk toward a full length mirror reflecting an image of myself i would be happy to see.
That was the end of our first session and i booked her for the following week.
I kept in mind all of the things from the session and seemed to be a lot more relaxed around food. I was told to follow a very intuitive eating style, ie, eating from hunger, stopping when full and eating exactly what i wanted. Something i have always had great belief in anyway.
All in despite a couple of moments involving too much chocolate, the week went well. I found myself pausing before overeating most of the time


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hi, that sounds very interesting. Look forward to seeing how you get on. Sound as though its starting to work when you found yourself pausing before overeating. I have been looking into this also. Good luck with your weightloss. x
Hi, I found this forum by accident when looking for others who had a gastric mind band, I have my first session on 29th Sept and my last a week ago - this was the insertion of the gastric mind band, I have lost 19lbs in 27 days and I am amazed at how this is working for me, I am someone who has done everything out there including training with a certain celebrity trainer from the TV. I actually think this will work for me and wish I had had it done years ago.
S: 13st13lb C: 12st11lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 1st2lb(8.21%)
Just replied to your thread jellymichelle before finding this one!
I've got a consultation booked on monday regarding having this, so finding others that are having it helps bigtime.

Please stay posting your results and I'll do the same.
S: 17st7lb C: 17st7lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
im going for my first session on thursday...got my fingers crossed...i have failed so badly for the last 30 plus years...can i be cheeky and ask how much people have paid because where im going is on offer at £375 and hoping its about right
i have read a few articles on this in the papers and am considering this after xmas. i am doing okay on the slimming world diet at the minute but think i eat too much as i nibble a lot.
please keep us informed how you get on.
S: 21st4lb C: 19st3lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.73%)
Hi, I had my hypno band put in 10 days ago, I had 3 sessions and need to go back in 3 weeks time to see if any adjustments need to be made, I have a lot of weight to lose and this was my last chance before seriously considering the actual operation,the first 2 sessions dealt with my eating habits and why I overeat, It was emotional at times but feel I have put it to rest so to speak. I have been amazed at what has been happening since my band was fitted, I can not eat much at all as I feel full to bursting after only a small amount of food,If I eat too much I feel sick and my attitude to food has changed completely, I have been losing 1lb a day for the last 10 days ,I would really recommend this, It cost me £240 for all the sessions which I think will be the best money spent if it carries on like this :)
It cost me £200 for 4 sessions, the best money ive ever spent have lost 26inches in total the weight slowed this week and I stayed the same so in total 21lbs, but I know thats because im holding fluid. I eat meals off a teaplate now because I am so stuffed. Had a meal out with a friend to the Harvester last week and asked the waiter for the smallest jacket spud they had, then left half of it - oh and no butter or sour cream, and as for dessert - well I didnt even look at the menu!!!!!
S: 21st4lb C: 19st3lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.73%)
Thats great news, how long since you had the fitting? I am eating less every day, ive got an small/medium size plate and only fill it half full and always leave some ,Ive not had any cravings and I have not eaten between meals once
Mine was fitted 2 weeks today, lost another 1lb this morning even though my period is due tomorrow!!!!! I cannot shout enough to everyone how fantastic this has been for me, I have done so many "diets" and now for once I dont calorie count, go to the gym, dont stress over eating dont panic when I eat anything that contains more than 5g Sat Fat!!!! I feel normal for once and very much in control of myself, im going away next weekend with girl friends and not even thought about what I am going to eat, where as normally when we go I am panicing about undoing the good ive done the weeks before.
S: 21st4lb C: 19st3lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.73%)
That is good going !! Have you got to go back for another session to make any adjustments ? The inch loss for you is amazing but surely that cant be over 2 weeks or have I missed something ??. we must have had ours fitted around the same time ,Ive lost about 11 lb which is a great start and at the moment I would recommend anyone to give it a go
Ha ha no the inch loss has been since my first session so 6 weeks ago. I felt better about myself from my first session even before she hypnotised me!! then my 2nd session the first hypnosis one, I came out feeling great and so in control, I felt like I was walking around with a big grin on my face, when I woke from it, I had tears running down my face where she took me back to a happy time which turned out to be when I was 14 and very slim!

I dont have to go back unless I feel im slipping back into old habits, other than when I am at target and I want to maintain then she will carry out another session then. This morning I met friends for coffee and one brought 3 choc muffins one each for us and I looked at it and refused point blank, it did not appeal to me and actually turned my stomach. This is the thing though that bothers me, I have now no interest in food, which I suppose is good because food used to make me so happy when I ate it, then the guilt kicked in after then the depression, which made me eat more and more hence why I ended up 20 stones at my heaviest. But I do think how can I now have no desire to eat anything bad and high in cals? its amazing really what she has done to me!!!
S: 21st4lb C: 19st3lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.73%)
I know what you are saying about how different you feel towards food, Ive always used it as a comfort but my attitute has changed since my first session, I got really emotional on my 2nd session but felt like a different person after that, It was almost like a calmness had come over me and I feel so relaxed around food now,I used to think of food from the minute I woke up and it ruled my life but not any more :), I was losing 1lb a day but the last 3 days it has stuck, nothing has changed with my portions or anything but Im not stressing over it as I know I hold a lot of water the week before my monthly so I am putting it down to that, I went out last night and it was a friends birthday and they had cake, I would normally have had a slice but I turned it down because it did nothing for me, I turned my nose up at it which is deffo a first , It would be great for us to keep updating to know how we are doing,just good to know someone else has had this done and they are reacting towards the therapy the same as me lol
Yes we must keep updating because this is such a new thing not many people have had it carried out, its good to read others stories and also to see that how I am feeling is how you are feeling too. Today I went shopping and stopped in at Nandos my favourite eating out place and I ordered the mushroom pitta, didnt fancy the chips but thought I would test myself with them in front of me, so ordered some and I only ate 4 because they actually tasted disgusting all mushy and plain in my mouth!!!!! I left a couple of mouths of pitta too!!!!! still have had no diet coke so can safely say I am over my addiction to it. Last night in work it was someones birthday and they brought in cakes, danish pastires, donoughts the lots and they were beside me all evening, it didnt bother me, I was not interested and I did not have one. Isnt it strange now though how something that used to make us so happy to eat now repulses us? x
Meant to add that not to worry about the weight sticking, my stuck for over a week and this week 2lbs came off since Monday even though I am due my period anytime. Think our bodies have gone into a bit of starvation mode due to big changes in our diets.
S: 21st4lb C: 19st3lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.73%)
afternoon :) my weight has shifted a bit today, I was reading last night about going in to starvation mode so think that is something that may well happen but will have to wait and see, I think my body has gone in to shock too lol, I am making myself drink more also as Im not one for drinking much and can go all day without anything so I am making a point of drinking every hour ,I will be tested tonight as I am going to a party but im not stressing about it at all, do you know roughly how many calories you are eating a day ?? I was thinking if it is too low then it may effect your vitamin & mineral intake and am thinking about getting some just in case

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