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Picture This


Wants to shed pounds more
You lot would have been proud of me. I had been very successfully staying away from food whilst being on SS. I turn up to my course to find.....5 different kind of home baked cakes sitting there in all their glory.

I stood in the line and instead of thinking "That slice, that slice and oooh definitely THAT slice has definitely got my name on it," I thought "I know what I want to wear in a fortnight/month/Xmas" and started to think of feeling thinner. Lo and behold, out of my mouth came the following words::"I'll just have a black tea, thanks." I spent the rest of the tea break with my back to temptation.

Didnt come home with puritanical thoughts - actually I came home and was crabby, so I kicked the wheeliebin instead. Do you ever get moments like that? Pleased one minute, but gritting your teeth and saying "It will better be bl**dy worth it!!!"

Care to share? :)
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hi snowbaby! yes i know that feeling well! you must feel soooooooo proud of yourself i know i would!! well done.xx


Loves being slim!
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Well done! I've been in that position a lot lately, and I can resist, and I feel fine about it at the time, but then later I do get a bit ratty. When I'm thinner I will allow myself the odd treat again, thats the only way I can rationalise it now.
This absolutely made me laugh out loud. Firstly massive well done that was a challenge and a half, I dont think I could have done it, so big congrats girl, nerves of steel.

Secondly, I had the chance of a cheat tonight and after having this massive conversation with myself walked away from it (well limp really) and as you said, instead of feeling angelical, I spent the next 15 minutes mumbling under my breath and felt really aarrrgggh grrrrr, we are such strange creatures, didnt think of kicking wheelie bin lol.

I really loved the idea about thinking what you would be wearing in a couple of weeks/month/Christmas, that is a really fabulous suggestion for others as well, I will do that next time I have a wobble.

Well done again and thank you

Lisa x
Snowbaby you did well. It was a great achievment.
I was faced with a potluck at school today. Just came back to my classroom after being offered my favorite cake in the whole world. The lady that makes them knows I LOVE these cakes. She asked me 3 times to have a piece. She said just a teeny little piece, I said no but ohhhhh did I want it.


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Well done you. I have been in the same situation. My hubby brought me home a bar of galaxy chocolate from work - I'm saving it in the freezer for ron! It has been sitting staring at me but I have done 2 whole days on 790 without straying :) Not losing it now

Well done you
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Hey sis, well done my ol bean!
I had a similar thing that I was hungry and co worker had 2 large blueberry muffins on his desk! grrrrrr, scooped them into his desk.
Anyway, well done, we'll get there. Fancy anywhere in particular to celebrate our weight loss around Chrimble? give it a thought


Wants to shed pounds more
Thanks to you all - it was hard, but I keep thinking that in mid/late autumn I could be wearing my bagful of size 20's (I am a 22 but nearly 26 3 years back). At halloween, I could be wearing my tailcoat AND DO IT UP!!!!! And at Xmas - dare I go and get 'mammas making a statement' red top ? - you betchya butt I will :-D. Hubby even locked someones blueberry muffin in their desk to avoid temptation

Well done all of you - lets see what we can slither into come Xmas, huh? :)

EDIT::: Slither into - hmmm thats sounds sooo dodgy on so many levels..... ahem lets see what bits fits ;-)

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