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Pictures of food


Finding inspiration
I've not had any probs with the magazine recipes. Obviously there will be little things they do to make them look good for the pics, but as for the quality of the recipes, I've never had any complaints.

The ones sent in by people that are on the SW website though... I've tried a couple of those and found they were a bit hit & miss. The ones you find on here are usually tried and tested though.


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I often adapt them anyway as I am a fussy eater. I gave up on the chips a long time ago though as I could never get them right. I just do wedges now which I find much easier and quicker to prepare and are nicer
I never do chips! Always have wedges and I don't even parboil them if I'm using new potatoes! YUM!
Re. the recipes if you're taking oils, butter and sugar out of the equation its always going to look a little dull. As long as it tastes good I don't mind :)
Photographing real food is quite a specialist art form! They will most likely be the proper dish, but they have all sorts of tips and tricks to make it appear fabulous in photos.


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I use normal potatoes and don't par boil them. They cook just as well without
After reading Tazs tip ages ago on the potato wedges this is how i do them now, less messing about, i just want my dinner and i want it quick as poss. lol. xxx
Being a photographer (amateur hobby) and having had a lot of fun photographing food, yes there are a lot of tricks of the trade to make things look shiny / steaming / more colourful etc. A lot of it is down to the lighting. A lot of the food would look very dull if it wasn't given a bit of oomph to make you want to cook and eat it ;)
I have had no success with chips either so would love to know how you do wedges please
Chop potatoes into wedges leaving the skin on. Put on a tray sprayed with frylight and add seasoning (I use garlic salt - yummy) spray the tops with frylight, put in oven til cooked! Couldn't be simpler!

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