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Pictures that shocked you..


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into starting this diet.. post :)

here are mine [many sorry]
i look so friggin mingin in ALL of them that i refuse to have my picture toke with my daughter :(
I have one/two pics of me my lil girl and my bf. and shes 6 weeks old! how bads that! :wave_cry:

Look at my hands on this one!!!

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Can't bring myself to actually put them into the thread but the underwear photo on my link pretty much did it for me!!!



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porgeous, you look soo good now! well done!

i dont know how adam can even find me a tiny bit attractive! =[


determined to be thin!
Kimmie, your daughter is so beautiful!!!! Makes me quite broody!
As for the double chin, as soon as you can join CD it will disappear. The eyebrows are your responsibilty!!! Hee Hee
porgeous, you look soo good now! well done!

i dont know how adam can even find me a tiny bit attractive! =[
Because he loves you hun and love is deeper than any extra lbs we may be carrying. Use your pics to spur you on, I know it really helped keep me focused.



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lmao sassey i know they major need doing, just no time atm lol. I need to get them done, havin some pics done =[ on 24th =[


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hotty!! u look so diffrent! and thats after 7weeks! well done hun!
AW thanks kimmy.. iv lost 39lb in 7 weeks gone from a size 18 to 14.. your daughter is beautiful but i aint broody i have 3 of my own lol.. how can i view your other pics kim.. DID ANY ONE NOTICE ALL THE BOTTLES OF WATER IN MY LAST PIC HAHAHA XXX


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oh gosh..
just logged into an olllddd photobucket and seen pics of me when i first got with adam
i was far from slim, but alot slimmer then i am now =[

That's a gorgeous pic Kimmie!



now got pictures in album
I've got sickening photos on my facebook, if anyone is on there you will be able to see my photos! (also the current avata is a picture of my fat face lol) sorry, cant put myself to put them on here!! YET!


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whats your face book x
Hey i have some minging pics too.. This one was the day after i gave birth! (19/12/06)

And this one was taken last october, my dad took it! makes me cringe :(

Kimmie - you have a beautiful daughter, a fabulous fella who loves YOU, and you will lose the weight. We all have awful piccys of ourselves ..... and if they spur you onto to lose the weight all the better. Don't be so harsh on yourself hun - weight can come off, spots can heal (and lots of water will help them) but you'll still be the same person who Adam loves underneath it all. (((HUGS)))


Make a plan, deep breath
flirty40greeneyes is right, your daughter is beautiful and you have somebody to love and who loves you - what fab motivation to shift some extra pounds! You can do it secure in the knowledge that your man loves you for who you are!:)
Although i totally get the looking a pics and CRINGEING, i have some horribe double chin bingo wing ones from NYE that motivate me to keep shedding weight
good luck

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