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Waheyyy waheyyy!

i did it guys .. when i first joined this forum i thought how the hell do you lose 100lbs?? it was like a distant dream .. Something i could never imagine myself typing about ever... yet today was my 6th monthly weigh in starting xenical and in total i have now lost... drum rolls

***Dummm Dummm Deee***

101lbs !!!!!!

101 lbs?? omg lol.. i never thought id ever say that number myself thats 7.2 stones and just over 30 percent of my overall body weight....in 6 months =D...

I want you all to know when i started this i was so against the idea of these tablets i didnt think they will work i didnt have a ounce of hope in me at all , but i kept going and soon the results starting showing .. im far away from my goals still i have another 3 or 4 stone to loose.. but now i am feeling happier more confident in the fact that i CAN and WILL get to my goals.. and i WILL maintain my weight..

100lbs? ahhh i cant keep myself for saying that i cant believe it!!

LOL... sorry to do your head in i just wanted you all to see you can and will do this just the same as me , and i know how it is when you first start ..

So keep smiling everyone...
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:happy096::party0011::party0011::party0011:YAY !!! Well done hun. I'm so pleased for you:party0011::party0011::party0011::happy096:
Well done Piink!! :flowers:

That's absolutely fabulous!! :talk017:

I hope I can do as well as you!! :fingerscrossed:


101lbs in 6 months - thats like on average constantly over 4lbs a week!!!! you're amazing!

You must feel fabulous! What things do you now enjoying doing that you couldn't/didn't want to, do before?:bliss:

xxxx :D


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plodding away
A huge hoorah to you. Thats a fantastic amount of weight to lose let alone to do it in six months. Well done you must feel and look fab.

:happy096: What a STAR!!!!!!

I would shout your success from roof tops if I was you. You deserve every bit of congratulations as although I only "know" you from this site for about 48hrs and not only you have done AMAZINGLY well on the weight front, you seem a truly lovely, caring person too. Good luck with the rest of it! What an inspiration you are!
OMG well done!!!
Well done you that's absolutely fabulous!!!!

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