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Pink!'s Public Embarrassment.


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So, I've avoided ever telling anyone my weight, but I think putting it out there in the world will act as a shame-motivating factor.

16stone 1pound.

This is not good considering that I'm only 5'4. According to the drs height vs weight chart a healthy weight for me to be is 8st, which basically means that I need to lose half of my body weight.

I don't remember ever being 8 stone, ever, I think it was probably when I was in primary school and barely measuring 5ft, so it doesn't really count...

I plan on weighing myself on Sunday the 6th, so I'll update then.
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8st is far too low for someone of 5ft 4, hon. I'd say around 9st would be sensible, but really it's entirely up to you - you need to find a weight you feel comfortable at and can maintain for life. In the meantime just focus on smaller goals, half a stone or a stone at a time.

Also, it's just a little personal thing of mine hon but I think using words like 'shame' in this context is really counter-productive. You have nothing to be ashamed of - you have a weight problem, that's all, and now you've decided to tackle it, which is cause for celebration! You'll find the whole process much easier if you try to be kind to yourself, don't belittle yourself or think you need to feel 'ashamed'.

Good luck on your journey. :)


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I utterly refuse to tell my BF how much I weigh. I am ashamed too. Ashamed of not having the self control to stop eating even though i was well aware of what it was doing to my body. Even when I get to goal he still wont know.


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I just got the idea weight off of the dr's chart, but I'm going to stop losing when I feel ok, so that's just kind of a vague goal in the distance. I'm staging my weigloss over at least a year and a half, so I'll just see how it goes really.

I agree with Birdy though. I'm ashamed of my weight as it is, I am however quite proud that I'm trying to tackle it now. So the shame thing is never wanting to be that (/this) weight again and therefore proving on here that I wont be.

The smaller goals thing seems like a good idea. I kinda want to have lost at least a stone by September, and more is possibile. I've got a chart up on my wall where I'll be putting my weekly weigh ins, so once I've worked out how much a week I can lose I'll start setting goals. Unless you can suggest any doable goals? lol.I'm up for all the advice I can get really.

Thanks x


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You'll be fine babe, my idea weight is between 9st and 11st. i was 18 stone when i started and am down to 14 stone now
You should tell him after goal :)

It will give you a big confidence boost to say "I did weigh X amount of stones and now I am no longer obese."


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Don't be embarrassed here, we're all in the same boat :) Not many people like discussing their weight, even if they aren't overweight, so it's going to be even harder for us with some to lose.

Just think, soon you'll be able to talk about your weight in terms of how much you've lost, rather than how much you've got to lose. You're right to be proud of yourself for realising that you want to change and actually doing something about it, so think positive! :)


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Thanks guys! I think that this site is really going to help, I really appreciate the support!
I can't wait to move the ticker down the rope!


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Pink, Im the same height and if you go by the BMI healthy weight range for our height, its between just under 8 stone and just under 10 and a half stone. So my target is 9 stone.

I was 1 and a 1/4 lbs less then you when I started, so only a tiny bit less and I've set myself a goal of 11 stone by christmas, which means I need to lose 69lbs, so between 2 and 3 lbs a week, which although tough, is doable! (I hope hehe)

Good luck!


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Oh! Thanks SammyE!!!! That's so helpful, I've literally no idea of the sorts of goals n stuff that I should be setting myself. That's awesome though.


Just weighed myself! I've lost 4lb since Wednesday! Makes all of the sweating worth it!

From now on I'll be weighing myself only on Sundays! And buying a better set of scales; to see my weight I had to hunch over n take a photo of the numbers with my phone, and upload the photos to the comp....you don't realise how bad your eyesight is until you do stuff liek that.
Does anyone here have digital scales? They any good?
Digital scales can be very good, but you need to find a scale that's consistent. Good way to find this out is to get on 20 times in a row and write down the weight given each time. Depending on the increments of the scale (whether it weighs in quarter or half pounds), there shouldn't be more than that difference between any two readings. If there is, the scale isn't reliable.

Glass scales are apparently among the most unreliable because of susceptibility to temperature changes, so you might want to go for something else. I have a set by Homedics made from metal and ceramic tile which are very accurate/consistent.

Well done on the 4lbs loss! You're on the way. :cool:

I like the title of your new thread as well. :)


Found my scales on Amazon hon, if you're interested:

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Aw thank you Elizabeth! that's an awesome idea.

Those scales are fab, they look gorgeous, sadly they're a wee bit out of my price range at the mo, but I'll defo keep them in mind when I manage to find a job :)

Got the feeling that I'm about to undo all of my hard work this week. It's mum's bday and we're all going out for dinner tonight. I'll be staying away from puddings and fizzy drinks, but still...
I was also going to go for a long walk to the shops to make up for tonight, but because mum and her bloke are off galivanting I have to take our elderly uncle out, which means driving. I'll have to make up for it tomorrow I spose, lol.

Best wishes.


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OH, quick question...is losing 2stone by September a sensible goal? I really have no clue about this kind of thing, lol. Cheers lovelies.


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I have digital scales and normal ones. I haven't had any problems with the digital ones as long as they're on a flat, stable surface, and they're a lot easier to read. That said, I started the year with just the normal scales and was able to track my weight loss well enough with those, I've just ended up with an extra set of scales to use since then.

As for how much weight you could lose, that's just under three months- I started in January weighing a bit less than you (216lb, but I'm at least an inch shorter) and by just under three months later I was down to 190lb, so I lost nearly that :) Obviously it depends on lots of factors, that's just how I did when I started off.
OH, quick question...is losing 2stone by September a sensible goal? I really have no clue about this kind of thing, lol. Cheers lovelies.
i think so yeah, i mean there's 12 weeks until september after this one so losing 2-3lbs a week you should be able to make it!

ooh and well done on the 4lbs so far, it makes all the work seem worthwhile!:)


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Oh right, wickedness :) Cheers m'dears :)

If that's gona happen I'm gona have to get a wriggle on and actually move, haven't done any exercise in 2 days...eep.



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Yeah I think you can do 2 stone by September!

When I first started and said I wanted to be 11 stone by Christmas... I was like no way in hell will I do it as its just under 5 stone but thats my aim anyway and now Ive got it down to needing to lose just over 4 stone and if I can lose 2lbs each week from now on, I will only be 3lbs off of 11 stone by Christmas but hopefully I will have a few weeks with losing more. The only thing with a target like that, is you dont have any room for a bad week where you stay the same or gain a pound or two but the way I see it, even if I dont hit my target of 11 by xmas... Im going to be lighter this xmas then I was last and considering Ive been gaining around a stone a year for the last 4 years, Im going to be lighter then I was for quite a few xmas days!


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That's a really good way of seeing it Sammy!
Yeh, as long as I keep on losing weight I don't mind too much, but I think at about 2 stone it should hopefully start showing, and that's what I want, for when I go back to uni, lol. Doesn't hurt that I have a tremedously sexy lecturer lol.


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i think thats a good idea babe, i want to lose 2 stone before september too :)

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