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ProPoints *pinkbuttons* food diary (7 stone to say bye to)

Day 1: 40 pp per day
2 weetabix with raspberries (3)
half pint skimmed milk (3)

small brown bread roll (3)
chicken burger
cooked in the oven (4)
Lettuce, onion (0)
sweet chilli sauce(2?)
Rest of raspberries (0)
greek style muller (4.5)

ww tangletelli meal (7)
warbertons square wrap :love em (4)

2 ginger crinkle crunch (2)
ribena lolly (1)
ww hot choc drink (1)

velvet crunch (2)
curly wurly
phew,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,loads to eat
39/40 pp used
no weeklies
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Look good :) I hope you get the results you deserve! Good luck on your journey. X


Silver Member

hi Pink, welcome and good luck.It dosen't look like you have eaten too much as long as you eat your points and don't go over, thats what your weeklies are for , you will be grand.keep us posted on your journey .x
That is the beauty of pp you can have what you want! X
day 2 food diary

DAY 2 40 pp
1 brown bread roll (3)
2 ww bacon rashers (2)
1 cheese slice (1)
mushrooms (0)
tommy sauce (0)

homemade pizza using:
warb' square wrap (4)
pasata (0)
salami slice x2 (2)
toms and mushroom onion (0)

Take away mushroom chow mein (5)
Glass of white wine (5)

ww hot choc (1)
pink & whites x 3 (3)
velvet crunch x 2 (4)
skimmed milk (3)

2 pints sparkling water

33/40 used
no weeklies use
Hey hun! Just checking in to follow ur progress! Looks like ur settling in well xx
hi carly ...yeah its all gud....:D...i just hope n pray it stays that way.... i see no reason to give up when theres enough points to enjoy a choccy bar etc,,,,still will be amazed if i lose after what ive eaten.... but im trusting ww!...and thier science behind it!;)
Let's all trust the plan!!
Your food diary looks great, Buttons, here's hoping for a good loss for you this week :D

Have a great bank hol weekend!x


Silver Member
good loss

yeh Pink I hope you have a good loss this week too,dairy's looking good x
It is great isn't it that u can eat nice things and have meals out! I see no reason to ever give up! Im sure it will be tougher as I get less pp but will cross that bride when I come to it :) good luck :) xx
day 3 .... had a yummy day

Brown bread roll (3)
Mushrooms (0)
tommy sauce (0)
Morrissons fruit breakfsat bar (3)

WW beef raviolli (7)
4 party rings (4)

2 slices of tiger bread (6)
half tin ww coronation tuna (1)
Bag of velvets (2)
half a bag of aero bubbles (3)

50g alpen

half skimmed milk (3)
special K mini breaks (3)

40/40 pp used
no weeklies used :):)
Sounds yummy!! WW ravioli - where did u get this? Xx
Ooooo :) I'm at my friends drinking :) hope u get to sleep x
Ta hun :) hope ur sound asleep x
well bank holiday!!! i actually dont think im doing anything special.....unless someone whisks me off somewhere lol!......wish it wasnt wrong yo have a warb' square pizza for breakfast! lol..... i want one ...i want one now!!!!! ........................................ ill save it for tea!...mite be goin on a picnic!
Haha! Gotta love the pizza!! X

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