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PinkMantha WW Discovery Journey


time to get focused
I just wrote a really long thread and my iPhone messed up :( time for round 2!

From being on the cd part of this forum iv noticed alot of people keep a diary to help them along there journey so I thought I would start one if you don't mind, I will also Inc pics so that if you like the sound of what iv had you can also have a peek :)

Day 1, sat 13th nov - 21 points - weighing 12st 10lbs
I started the day with a breakfast muffin (2.5) topped with phillidephia light (1) I then had a cup of tea with skimmed milk (2 for milk allowance) with 2 rich teas (1) before I went to work I had a tesco light choices creamy mushroom pasta (8 although said on the box 7 so always check lc) followed by a ww toffee yoghurt (1/2) whilst I was at work I had a packet if velvet crunch (1) and a ww choc mini roll (2), when I finished work I had a chicken shish with no sauce but topped with loads of salad (4) throughout the day I drank tea, diet coke and robinsons no added sugar orange and pineapple!
All in all I feel like I had a good day, I felt completely satisfied and full but I did have 1 point to many :(
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time to get focused
Re: My ww journey

Day 2, sun 14th nov - 20 points

I started today with 2 rich teas (1) and a cup if tea and then had a breakfast muffin (2 1/2) with phillidephia, I done myself a kind of Sunday roast for dinner which consisted of roasted mushrooms (0) onions (0) and peppers (0) with broccoli (0) cauliflower (0) and swede n carrot (0) mashed with 10g light butter (1) with 9g of gravy granules (1 1/2) for dessert I had a ww choc mousse (1) then before I went to bed to use some points I had a ww lemon slice (1) and ww biscuits (1 1/2) I used 17 1/2 points saving 2 1/2!
Again another day feelin completely satisfied



time to get focused
Re: My ww journey

Ok so today has been as easy as the last 2 and still very much enjoying ww

Day 3, mon 15th nov - 21 points
Once again I started the day with a muffin (2 1/2) and phillidephia (1) then had a cup of tea (2) with 4 rich teas (2) followed by another cup of tea and another rich tea (1/2) :) whilst at work I had a ww Jaffa bar (2) then for dinner I had tesco light choices sausage and tomato pasta (6 1/2) with mushrooms (0) onions (0) peppers (0) and cue (0) covered in a telco light choices ceaser dressing (0) and for dessert I had a ww vanilla yoghurt (1/2)
I have saved myself 4 points today as iv got quite a big dinner tomorrow night



time to get focused
Re: My ww journey

Day 4, tues 16th nov - 25 points
Muffin (2 1/2) with phillidephia (1) for breakfast, cup of tea (2) with 2 rich teas (1), ww cheese puffs (1) dinner tesco lc jacket with cheese and chives (3 1/2) ww pizza (3 1/2) 1/2 can lc beans (2) 50g lc coleslaw (1) dessert 1/2 tin tesco value custard (2 1/2) and 2 ww apple slices (3)

No one seems interested in my diary so don't know if I'll keep it up xx



time to get focused
Day 5, Wed 17th nov - 21 points
so i started the day with 2 crumpets (2) one with phillidephia (1/2) and one with marmite (0) for lunch i had a ww tomatoe soup (1), when i was at work i had some lettuce (0) cue (0) and onion (0). for inner i have just had a kfc zinger burger (71/2) and fries (41/2) with a diet pepsi and as a treat i had one finger of a kiner bueno (21/2), i am just about to go and have a ww choc mousse (1) and i have gained 1/2 on my ww pedometer :) xx
Aw, you're doing really well. :)

I think I might have to visit your diary more often. It's like food porn to us CD-ers! :D :D


Slowly but surely x
oh i am salivating here! back to my rotten shake ;)
Checking your diary, I will be interested in your weight loss, I've been trying to do CD for week and half, just not happening for me, I've done it before but this time its harder!:(
When you got your WI?
Good luck, bet it's mice to eat dighout feeling guilty!!!
Bloody spell check on my phone!
Ment... Bet it's nice to eat food without feeling guilty!

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