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Places to eat out

I miss going out for meals - it's what my boyfriend and I really enjoy doing socially, but it's so hard to find places to go when you are on a diet. Has anyone found anywhere that's "xenical" friendly? It's be good if restaurants/pubs listed calories and fat on the menu.

In my student days I used to work for Wetherspoons and I know they tried to offer healthier food too, so I just went on the website and I found this though that might be useful...

Food Facts

Here's the menu too -

Things like the Spag bol, sweet chilli noodles and the 5 bean chilli are okay i think.

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OMG how scary are some of those meals!! The large breakfast with mushrooms is shocking 1548 cals and 97.5 g fat!!! I wouldnt have that if i was you! lol

Could only find the Spag Bol and 5 bean chilli. I'd go for one of those.
I tend to have a steak, jacket potato and salad... as then I know exactly what I am eating, nothing has been added while cooking it,,, and its really filling too


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i just dont eat out now....and take aways are a big no no!
i find the easiest thing is not to put myself in that situation..

im going to watch harry potter at the cinema in november,im going to smuggle in a sarnie or a yoghurt! ;)
I'm not on xenical, but I eat out a lot with DH and have done the whole time I've been losing weight. I think most places have at least one choice which is ok - my default is mozzarella salad as virtually everywhere offers that. South Beach is unusually well adapted to eating out, but I think most diets can fit around restaurants! I wouldn't stop eating out, you need to keep doing things you enjoy. (I have popcorn at the cinema too :D)
Take away arent too bad, if you choose correctly. DH likes to get a pizza every now and then. so i have a chicken Shish kebab. Only about 300 cals. I have no salad dressing on and i normally do a few oven chips whilst i wait. Its all within the Xenical limits.
Trying Chinese next weekend. Its my 30th birthday on Tuesday, so i'm having a day off then and we're having a little get together at the weekend where i will continue taking tablets. We'll be ordering chinese so will chose carefully.

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