Plan for tonight


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K guys whats your plan for tonight? I'm not gonna drink too much 3 I thunk glass of wine, glass champers or prosecco and a Malibu and d. Coke. But my big problem is the meal deep fried brie for starter-gonna only have bout 1/8 of a thing of Brie but still killer, then onto beef wellington and I'd say potatoes everything else free-killer aswell, then a homemade choc cake I made I've replaced done sugar with sweetner and low day milk plus I clarified the butter so a little better. I have 20pp left for the meal but only 19 weeklies-week started yest I take 14pp off for milk allowance and then had chinese last night-oh cooked ha!

So I'm wondering do I have tonight give up my 20pp and leave weeklies and be good or destroy weeklies and be good

Any advice greatly appreciated :D xx
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